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  1. Anyone partake of the glorious Spring Mtn this summer? Curious if anyone's working new routes or scrubbing old. I worked my azz off this summer and didn't get to play much. Living Vicariously, M. Hanna
  2. Damn bolt eatin vermin and crack fillin' super dinosaur veggies at it again.......Good on ya for trying I'm in a sort of "restoration" mode of late, and this one's definitely on the list. It's a great climb in a cool setting M. Hanna
  3. The Blueberry Route on Exfo Dome has been close to falling off below the crux pitch for a couple years. 3:00 Rock recently had a big chunk fall off Superfly pitch as well as a big 'un above Revolver a couple years ago. Knitting is looking better and better. MH
  4. Wow, great work! What a remarkable day Cheers, MH
  5. Any news on Banks Lake? Probably early but sometimes getting ok depending on plateau flow.... Cheers- MH
  6. Thanks Otto! Great write up Love that place and really happy that the road and trail conditions are not only sustaining but improving! Thanks Darrington Collaborative, FFPU, Mountaineers, and WCC !! Cheers- M.Hanna
  7. Matt- Yer just picky. That looks just fine! Much better than a couple aluminum dowels banged through some 1" web right? Shot in the Dark won that race
  8. hanman

    High Ice

    Haha I just saw Phyllis last evening and it didn’t even cross my mind! Will do, thanks Jason.
  9. Howdy CCers Some many millions of years ago, someone referenced the movie High Ice, which was shot in Darrington. I seem to recall a link to a 10 part download, but YT is no longer supporting it. Any idea how I could watch this fabled and fantastic adventure? Anyone out there got a copy (and not on BetaMax!) Thanks, M Hanna
  10. Nice article, thanks Lowell for your tireless efforts and research over many years! Cheers, M. Hanna
  11. hanman

    Best metal bands

    Pelican with RC was a great show!
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