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  1. review Sleeping bag for the cascades

    I love my WM Caribou - 35 and find it easily meets that rating. Chose it because it is a little roomier and slightly tougher fabric than the 'Lite' series, but still very light. I also have a 15 degree bag for colder weather but rarely need it.
  2. 3 o’clock rock stewards, thank you

    No conversation on the topic of '3 O Clock Rock stewards' would be complete without mention of Matt Perkins and Mark Hanna! Without the perennial efforts of those two guys, 3 O'Clock might well be like Static Point - a beautiful crag way up a brushed in logging road that gets maybe 10-20 visits per year (if it get's that?). In which case, hard to bother replacing old hardware. Worry not, there are and will be many opportunities to participate beyond climbing. Bolt replacement, road work, trail work, new routing - take your pick. For 25 years I did nothing beyond loving the climbing before stepping up and it's made it so much more satisfying. Now I wake up at night thinking about new pitches and better approaches
  3. FS 2060 Clear Ck rd Good, Squire Ck Rd, Not So

    Word is the road repairs are done
  4. FS 2060 Clear Ck rd Good, Squire Ck Rd, Not So

    You can thank the multi-interest group (timber industry, enviros, Forest Service, politicians) called the 'Darrington Collaborative' that created a thinning sale north of town that paid for this work! The #2060 was the beneficiary because it is so popular among locals and climbers alike. And climbers have shown their commitment by putting their own efforts into maintaining this road for years, notably some guys named Hanna, Perkins and friends. It's a great story for local climbing access. Unfortunately the road still needs lots more new pipes to stay around for the long term. I got skunked, but it's worth it.
  5. FS 2060 Clear Ck rd Good, Squire Ck Rd, Not So

    As of 9-27-18, the 2060 is closed for repairs! Operator told me will take a couple of weeks.
  6. Take that shit to Spray! Great TR though...
  7. Trip: Three O Clock Rock - Road to Nowhere, Mystery Tour Trip Date: 07/20/2018 Trip Report: Hey, a quick update about some new options up at 3 O’Clock Rock...for those that care. Year after year, it seems that over 95% of Washington climbers find zero appeal in hiking to easy slab climbs. But that just keeps the quiet experience for the dedicated regulars and newcomers. Andy and I added an easy (~5.3) slab climb a bit right of Silent Running that features two short pitches. Road to Nowhere has proven a fun outing for novice slab climbers. If you want more challenge, try it hands free (though the FHFA has already been done). You will need 5 draws and one 70 m rope to get up and down. If you’re up for a more difficult experience and/or other parties are lined up for Silent Running, continue another 4 pitches up Mystery Tour, which wanders to the right-hand edge of the North Buttress (topo below). The second pitch of Mystery Tour (5.9+) is the standout, featuring 58 m of very sustained slab climbing. From there, continue up the rounded buttress at 5.8 and then a shorter pitch that ties into Silent Running. More beta and gear details are below. Currently, the easiest descent is down Silent Running, though we hope to have a separate rappel route tuned up in the near future. Leah on Road to Nowhere, pitch 1 Matt approaching the rounded buttress on pitch 3 of Mystery Tour. Climbers below and left are one pitch up Road to Nowhere Route topo Gear Notes: For Mystery Tour, you'll want double 60s, a single set of cams to 2" and ~14 draws. About 80% of pro is bolts. Approach Notes: FS road #2060 to Eight-mile trailhead, then 45 minutes of easy uphill (standard 3 O Clock Rock approach)
  8. [TR] Watson - North Ridge 08/07/2018

    Cool! I've heard this is a fun route, so thanks for the reminder.
  9. 3 O'Clock Rock rock fall

    Some tumbling debris apparently came out of that gully on the left earlier this summer. Thankfully it never seems to happen when climbers are around (knock on wood!). And Jim B, I sent you a message.
  10. Strong work Brett and Soria.......and grandparents!
  11. Wow, what a great looking trip Jason! Finally coming to terms with the fact that you've literally done everything worth doing in the Cascades?
  12. Such a great trip, that one. Green Lake and the waterfall below it blew me away!
  13. Three O'Clock Rock

    It's a bit right of Silent Running on an old 1/4" relic called Nowhere Man. That rap station is now being used to get off Mystery Tour and will also provide an alternative descent for Silent Running that stays out of climber's way
  14. Sahale, Hidden Lakes or Vesper

    Not really but it's not that hard to find. It's a flat area right of the trail that overlooks the valley. There are 2-3 tent spots, as I recall. Probably nice spots at the lake as well?
  15. Sahale, Hidden Lakes or Vesper

    Having done White Chuck, I would have to disagree. One of the scarier class 3 routes I've done (sloping ledges with loose pebbles is what I recall) and not particularly interesting climbing, either. You have a great option with Hidden Lakes Peak, as the views are as good as most summits I've been on. It's exposed and improbable, but not technical. If you can't stay in the lookout, there are spectacular tent sites about 3/4 of the way on the right. Seems like the best goal would be to get your girlfriend a great mountain experience without getting spooked or overwhelmed. Trying to find a compromise destination is likely to miss the mark for both.