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  1. Nice work Jason! Good training value and more scenic than I would have guessed
  2. Spring Mtn

    Great crag, but to keep it climbable you'd need to spray the whole thing down with moss killer (non-toxic variety, of course). In reality, it will probably be one of those places that gets 'discovered' by a new generation of climbers every 20 years or so.
  3. [TR] Das Toof - The Tooth Fairy, 5.9+ 08/15/2019

    Actually, Darin is just reposting the topo he made for Mile High Club....
  4. Best place to resole rock shoes

    I saw the thing about the PCT, but deeper down something about them not taking individual orders any more. Would be glad to be wrong. Yeah, Ramuta is a serious loss, a top-notch craftsman that does a great job with the business stuff as well. Similar experience with Page, a peely resole back in the 80s when he was over in Wallingford, and never went back. Like to support a local shop but no matter who I choose, I have to ship them anyway.
  5. Best place to resole rock shoes

    Appreciate the sage input, all! With so many great providers come and gone, must be a tough business to sustain over the long term.
  6. Best place to resole rock shoes

    Sad to be bumping this topic back from the dark ages. Ramuta isn't taking individual orders, Cascade Cobbler seems gone, Dave Page gets mixed reviews....any good options in the PNW?
  7. Was up there last weekend and the Ladder's future is considerably brighter than poor old Good Food. Very direct (though steep) approach under timber, then that long, scenic rib make for a great outing. Way more sensible and aesthetic than coming up from 39 Mile Camp, as the red Fred suggests. If you want to avoid schwacking entirely, head off the trail just past the major bouldery creek crossing well before Luna camp - the drainage to the right of the route. Follow the timber north of the creek for about 500' past some monster firs and angle left toward the highest ground, avoiding several mossy slabs. If you manage to get confused on this one, you should probably stick to top-roping at the Exits. Cool route, guys!
  8. Awesome report! That thing makes the standard route on Everest look like a walk in the park, by comparison.
  9. Good luck, the Kautz is a nice route
  10. Excellent photos and TR, Constance is on my list. I'm thinking this time of year might be optimal for less talus and more glissading?
  11. review Sleeping bag for the cascades

    I love my WM Caribou - 35 and find it easily meets that rating. Chose it because it is a little roomier and slightly tougher fabric than the 'Lite' series, but still very light. I also have a 15 degree bag for colder weather but rarely need it.
  12. 3 o’clock rock stewards, thank you

    No conversation on the topic of '3 O Clock Rock stewards' would be complete without mention of Matt Perkins and Mark Hanna! Without the perennial efforts of those two guys, 3 O'Clock might well be like Static Point - a beautiful crag way up a brushed in logging road that gets maybe 10-20 visits per year (if it get's that?). In which case, hard to bother replacing old hardware. Worry not, there are and will be many opportunities to participate beyond climbing. Bolt replacement, road work, trail work, new routing - take your pick. For 25 years I did nothing beyond loving the climbing before stepping up and it's made it so much more satisfying. Now I wake up at night thinking about new pitches and better approaches
  13. FS 2060 Clear Ck rd Good, Squire Ck Rd, Not So

    Word is the road repairs are done
  14. FS 2060 Clear Ck rd Good, Squire Ck Rd, Not So

    You can thank the multi-interest group (timber industry, enviros, Forest Service, politicians) called the 'Darrington Collaborative' that created a thinning sale north of town that paid for this work! The #2060 was the beneficiary because it is so popular among locals and climbers alike. And climbers have shown their commitment by putting their own efforts into maintaining this road for years, notably some guys named Hanna, Perkins and friends. It's a great story for local climbing access. Unfortunately the road still needs lots more new pipes to stay around for the long term. I got skunked, but it's worth it.
  15. FS 2060 Clear Ck rd Good, Squire Ck Rd, Not So

    As of 9-27-18, the 2060 is closed for repairs! Operator told me will take a couple of weeks.