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  1. OK...maybe not. But there is something fun about arriving at a familiar spot via a different route. Regardless, it was great to get out and make that connection with you and tanstaafl!
  2. Well done Peter and Paul, looks like a classic Cascades challenge!
  3. I'm sure all was forgiven when you explained that we had just completed the first documented ascent of the Road to Silent Bonus Tour!!
  4. Sure, even when you can't get to Squamish or the Bugs, there is a bit of both in D-town!
  5. You're welcome, Bill. If anyone appreciates the effort and satisfaction involved in Darrington route development, it is you! Drop me line anytime and we'll go climb something.
  6. Great news, Jeremy! The 'easiest multi in Darrington' was always the goal and it has worked out pretty well. It nudges right up to 8+/9 in places, but always backs off after one or two thin moves. That dihedral on the ninth pitch is definitely a gem! Hopefully it will get enough traffic to stay semi-clean. How did you guys get through the Alcove above the Snag?
  7. White Chuck Mountain rock climbing

    Other side of the mountain, but the NE Ridge is a good adventure! Rock is generally great, pro is good where you need it and minimal for much of the rest. It's an obvious feature, so the sparse description in green Fred is adequate.
  8. Conditions Report: Static Point

    Excellent work, Chris! It's been years since I was there, but I always enjoyed my visits and will be much more motivated to go back now. Funny, I don't even remember On Line being runout - back when I was 30 and immortal! Noticed this troubling comment in your web summary: Long pants are strongly, strongly, STRONGLY recommended. Salmon berry bushes, Himalayan and native black berries, devils club, and a number of other prickly/spiny/thorny plants grow along this trail. Hoo boy, if those Himalaya berries get going, they will shut down foot traffic for good! Cutting them back might be as important as upgrading the bolts. Rainy day work party some time?
  9. Ptarmigan Traverse - Very Late Season

    I did most of it in mid-September awhile back and it was really beautiful and empty. Aside from the long nights, the worst thing was having to put on the crampons for every little patch of snow. If you get lucky on the weather, it would be super memorable!
  10. You might like it Jason - no seracs or sketchy rap anchors! Here's the topo. You might need to play with your print settings (checkbox for "fit image") to get it to scale correctly
  11. Trip: Salami Slab, Darrington - Snagglepuss Trip Date: 07/05/2020 Trip Report: My COVID-era partner and son, Ty and I made a quick trip to the Salami Slabs to test-drive a new variation to Snagglepuss. You may not be aware of Snagglepuss because it is not among the ‘Only Darrington Routes Worth Doing’ identified in climbing books and the internet. But it is fairly long (7 pitches) and has some good climbing that might entertain you adventurous non-slab-phobic types. Ty looking relaxed among the knobs, dimples and scoops of pitch 4. Leading the Catwalk – which follows the thin white dike angling left Team selfie at top of the route, spitting distance from the Snagglepuss tree The Snagglepuss – a massive Doug-fir with a silvery dead top that that looms over the route Hanman and I kicked off the Snaglepuss Project about four years ago, followed by the neighboring Purdie Shuffle. Both routes have good to great climbing with excellent views of nearby peaks and the Clear Creek valley. The Catwalk variation creates an excellent 7-pitch hybrid option that is slightly easier than the original. CV on FA, July 2016, with the giant snag visible in upper left Hanman below the gleaming goodness that would become the Purdie Shuffle For an abundance of details on how to get there and what you’ll find, check the stuff posted on another climbing website. The approach is comparable in scale to Three O Clock Rock but a bit more 'interesting' (don't worry, no brush). Much of Snagglepuss is mid-fifth with harder sections up to 5.8+, though the easiest line is not always obvious. There are bolts where you need them, runouts where you don’t, but nothing approaching an R rating. If you are offended by bits of moss and needles on your granite, skip pitches 6 and 7. Returning to grand Salami ledge on the descent. Gear Notes: Standard Dtown toolkit - dozen slings, single cams to 3", double 60s Approach Notes: FS Road 2060, take left branch over bridge, park at first boulder drainage, hike uphill. Approach details can be sleuthed from link mentioned in TR
  12. Three O'Clock Rock

    Unfortunately that anchor is still in the same condition. So hard to spend prime climbing days pulling and replacing hardware when you could be making something new or climbing more pitches. Off, I'd be glad to take you up for a tour some time!
  13. Best place to resole rock shoes

    I had met Carlos through his ill-fated climbing gym. Good climber and quite the character. Yikes, I had completely forgotten that Forbidden story.
  14. Best place to resole rock shoes

    No... not that Carlos... I don't think?
  15. Best place to resole rock shoes

    Yes, Dan but only vaguely. Beautiful route, good conditions, no epics, right? Honestly, that was back when I was young, and foolishly took more interest in the climbs than the companions.