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How many days so far?


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5 days


And JayB, I have seen many a west coast hot shot humbled on East Coast ice, but it's incredibly rewarding to learn to carve it.


I'd prefer to go back to the days of tuning my edges once per season, daytime temps that never dip below the low teens, big-mountain terrain covered by staggering amounts of natural snow but...


Here's the existential quesion of the day:


Who is the least happy? The Eastern Skier in deep powder, or the Western skier on ice?


As Maine-iac said, the East Coast skier is becoming a better person through suffering.


Now don't me wrong - I would never trade a day like Sunday in the Private Reserve for a day of ripping frosty groomers in the East. But I would not have had as much fun in the trees and I would not be the skier I am today if I hadn't grown up fighting with the ice back home.

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25 - should be more by now but the allure of ice climbing has divided my attention somewhat.


Who cares how many days, what about quality? Simply put, the last six weeks has been the greatest snow cycle that I have ever seen (here since '91). Back to back, cold 10-20" days! I don't get it why there isn't post after post about how incredible the skiing has been since mid-December. Three to four feet still to come in the next 5 days?!? I would love to hear from the old farts about better cycles cuz I think when this one is over, snow history in the PNW will need to be rewritten. 98-99 was Baker's seasonal world record I know with an 11" daily average in Feb 99, but the last six weeks on Hood at least feels bigger.

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4: 3 at the resort and a final 'hurrah' down St Helen's before (planned) surgery to repair some torn tendons. The surgeon thought I was kidding when I asked about snowboarding in the aircast boot. I told him that the boot and bindings combo would limit how much movment I'd have with the toes and the cold air/snow would help keep the swelling down. He didn't share my enthusiasm for getting outside.

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Wish I could afford a 3000-square foot vacation home. Why did I get into journalism?


It took me nearly four weeks to go from 10 days to 11 days skiing. Stupid virus. My cardio took a beating as I discovered snowshoeing Sunday. Hopefully I will tack on two more days later this week.

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7- 8 days on slopes, many more just wandering. But I had a long layoff as I popped out of my new ski bindings and slammed my knee, which is still in pain like 3 weeks later.


As of today Edited by billcoe (02/13/08 08:20 PM)



11 now as of today. Hit Anthony over the weekend and stayed in a cabin in the Elkhorns. Played Hookie from work this afternoon, headed up to the slopes with the lad and we turned and burned. As we were leaving, and the sluch was just starting to freeze into what was undoubtedly a hard icy bumpy horror-show, his former classmates of last week were just heading up for night skiing.


Headed towards Hood River and to the Columbia Gorge Hotel for the scrupulous Prix Fixe dinner that started with Dungenous Crab soup, got better from there with the exception that they had run out of Black Butte Porter draft (Gasp, the Horror!) so I settled on an Alaskan Porter -bad idea, too heavy and smokie clashed with the Marscapone Strawberry cheesecake desert -the finish was as we left the hotel the lunar eclipse was starting, so we3 wandered on the basalt stone path next to the waterfall and hung out while the event occurred and the cold wind blew down river.


And now you know.....the rest of the story.


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