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  1. Health Care

    The facts are simple. Obama is a Socialist. You can wrap him in as many layers of sheep’s clothing as you wish. Look up Fabian Socialist and you will understand. Socialism does not work. Examples are: Russia Cuba China North Korea. The new health care is Socialized Medicine and one giant leap forward for the Fabian socialist. That’s it I’m done, I’m out of here.
  2. If mommy is a commie then you gotta turn her in

    From the planet Zobimorphadite….
  3. The "RuMR Tries To Piss Off Everyone" Thread

    RuMR, It really bothers me when others try to tell me about how I should or should not raise my son and daughter. I never say it, but I really want to call them all “stupid”. But I guess the reality is they are not raising children. I have seen many of your posts over the past few years and can draw some basic assumptions. 1.) You are a normal person. 2.) You are a loving and caring parent. 3.) You know what is best for your children and doing a great job! Keep it up.
  4. Mike tyson

    I am ashamed because I know the answer….
  5. identify

    Look at those squinty eyes, the lack of a chin, pinned back ears. Yes that’s the one. You just can’t trust any squirrel that looks like that! You know that same relationship between books and their cover…. Probably a democrat!
  6. identify

    Dang, she, he, it, is big. Is that the notorious squirrel-anator?
  7. My piolet collection

    I love this threac, but sorry, when it comes to climbing tools, or FF, I just can’t let this pass with out a little antidote. I was at FF one day and my son, now 13, was oh about 5 or 6 at the time, when some how or some way he got his hands on a climbing tool that was the perfect size for him as a mountaineering ax. He proceeded to explain to me how he wanted it and quickly justified how he NEEDED it. He went so far is to show me how it was the perfect size for him. Then he got it into his mind that I just HAD to get it for him. When he realized he was not going to get it we had an in store melt down. The dude helping me at FF was great. FF had a display tent up so we got my son into it. We asked him if he could lie down and test to for me. He was out cold, fast asleep, in 60 seconds.
  8. Bug vs. Hugh

    oops, let me try this again, I am a little rusty.... Yeah, I saw that and the current temp at stevens is 25!
  9. Bug vs. Hugh

    Yeah, I saw that, and the current temperature at Stevens is 25. Yahooooooooo!
  10. Please, Love, and Happiness

    I went for a 5 mile run at lunch.
  11. Very nice indeed. "...to get past lonliness by embracing solitude" Is this an original or did you barrow it?
  12. Ski Helmets

    OK, so I refuse to allow my children on the slops with out helmets, but I have never purchased one for my wife and I. I really want to end my double standard and want to buy some ski helmets for my wife and I. For me comfort is most important. For my wife it is going to be style. What are the most important points I need to look for in a ski helmet? Are there specific brands, makes and/or models I should avoid? Are there specific brands, makes and/or models I should look for? Does the manufacturing country be a consideration?
  13. rant

    proctology? Let me guess, you have extensive paper work that you keep on that study.
  14. rant

  15. rant

    No, not English Lit. guess again.
  16. rant

    I read through your initial rant, but I am not going to read through all of the other replies. Suffice it to say, growing up and through High School I hated literature. At the UW I learned to love it, BA Language and Literature. I have been a veracious reading for the past 25 years. The last classic I read was Victor Hugo’s epic,”Le Miserable.” (It was a translation, but unabridged.) The analytical skills I developed at University help me enormously in understanding Victor Hugo. You can just pick up and read something like Le Mis, but unless you can use analytical skills then it is just a meaningless story, interspersed with history lessons. After applying your newly found skills you can find an epic classic dealing with the ongoing struggle between justice, and mercy. Furthermore you need to delve into the idea that Justice and Mercy can not exist with out the other. Then you can get even deep on how Justus and Mercy look like when personified in a personality. Finally, you need to ask yourself is Victor Hugo really writing a series of essay on the different kinds of misery of the human experience and then applied it to a story line, supported by all of the above points. It is quite in depth – if you want to look. Be very careful now because once you take the pill of understanding literature the rabbit hold is very, very deep and there is not coming out….
  17. High Altitude Fitness

    Every individual has limiting variable factors such as age, natural athletic abilities, etc As you get older your heart rate slows down and there is just no way most 50 year olds can make it up Si in 1:30:00 with 40 pounds (5 gallons of water); where as most 25 year olds in shape should be able to do that. Don’t over push yourself, and know your limits so you don’t get an injury excursing. But do push yourself so you can grow your lung capacity, and your leg strength. You have got to find your balance. Good luck. Oh, get elevation with weight on your back. Go to Camp Muir every other week end, and load your pack up as if you were taking everything for a group to summit.
  18. Very, VERY cool. Great Job.
  19. way cool and nicely done. Hey, did I see you on training on Granit Mountian around the end of October? You passed me and a group of Boy Scouts (the younger boys) like we were standing still.
  20. Mt Fuji in December?

    Any update on Fuji? L-Dawg
  21. I feared this....

    Not to worry, where they are going someone is going to find it for them…..
  22. Palin Nicknames

    All-about-the-Alaskan-image-of-in-your-face-get-over-your-cry-babing-pussy-leftwing-poop-and-deal-with-what-ever-comes-you-way-donky-ass-kicking-libatards! Not that is some spray!
  23. It's just a "different" system of gov't!

    Sorry, I want to comment but it is just too much to write about. I can only say 9 year old can kick Steven Sea Gulls butt any day. (That is the actor not this person using the aviator.)
  24. Ok, out with it. I used to love chopping wood after partaking in some of the green bud. Intence singel minded focus.
  25. Valdez judgment overturned by Supreme Court

    So the courts have finally settled these punitive damages for the oil spill. 20 years ago a trial jury found Exxon guilty and the damages were based at 5 Billion dollars. That is 5,000,000,000! I guess at that time Exxon set aside the money in a trust, don’t know for sure, but guess that is what they did or had to do. Then Exxon started the appeals process. The first appeal lowered it to 2.5 Billion dollars. They appealed again, and this time it went all the way to the Supreme Court. Ready? $500 Million! That is it. That is all. A friend of mine had to totally change his occupation because of the Exxon mess. So at 5 Billion it should have been something like 150K per person. At 2.5 Billion it was 75K per person. At 500 Million it is only 15,000 per person; to lose your livelihood. This is a travesty of justice. Assuming that Exxon did in fact set aside the 5 Billion 20 years ago, and assume over the past 20 years they returned a modest return of 4%, then Exxon would have earned $5,955,615,715 in interest over the past 20 years. Less the puny punitive damages awarded by the courts, so their interest earned is $5,455,615,715 Exxon sucks!