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  1. Noted .. accepted! thanks !
  2. Has anyone ever given any thought to thin neoprene fishing gloves for swingin the pics? it appears they may offer dexterity and warmth. im sure there is a shortcoming that I havnt thought of. maybe they are too warm? dont know...
  3. http://www.bclocalnews.com/fraser_valley/ahobserver/lifestyles/41848012.html Go get em Kiddo!!
  4. heres a handy one for hanging the ole bottle of wine behind the canoe! or a bottle of water from yer harness. http://korpegard.se/knot/?knot=4&hideComments=&showInt= Chris.
  5. Injuries. Lack of time. Laziness. Procrastination…..to name a few. How small you’re thinking is…….I know lots of people who have established routes…..none of them have ever established a route in a gym. They are the route setter. Hey mate I got a video on that .. i can loan it to u after I get around to watchin it myself!
  6. i like to use the "pole straps" for extra purchase when pole/skating out of a long flat approach. Invaluable for this. never use for decent in the B.C. though. I must be gettin old too! cuz I remember those Ole scott pistol grips and the associated thumb injuries..
  7. Be sure to get a instructor that has some mileage.. there are alot of level 1 graduates out there that are very good at demonstrating snow plow turns to beginners. but would be a fish outa water trying to help develop good off piste technic. simple queastions when purchasing the time at the ski school desk will result in a decent product. I taught skiing for many years before I changed carrers and the principle client is the "never ever" beginer. So its good to just give em a heads up that you are looking for a "upper end" type session.. Chris...
  8. aspect was north. But that was one of many holes I have dug is as many weeks on all aspects.. those facets/mix forms are gettin tougher for now, in my opinion. but the new deal is the surface hoar/crust combo that resides at the surface right now.. after burial i suspect it will act up fairly easy. its not widespread, just sheltered mid (1400asl) elevation areas. Cheers Chris.
  9. Dug a hole in the Coquihalla on Tuesday. Went all the way to ground 185HS. Snowpack in a nutshell is a "classic" west coast pack at this point. Except for the bottom 20-30 cms.. this has the basal facets that we have been tracking all season, that are tending to round out to more of a mixed form. temps are warm around these layers (promoting rounding.) The dec 6 facets, mixed form, were NOT reactive to any kind of testing. and I layed every test I know on them. But I have to agree with forecaster pal, its the thin spots were they may be more reactive to a ski or a snow shoe. the profile I dug was encouraging to see it all get progresivly stronger. but I still have the eary feeling if i get into too steep or unsupported terrain. I know some of my guiding friends are sneaking out into the steep.. But they have their Radar still FULLY up regarding them facets.. on a Different note.. Is there good skiing on Outram? im sorta embarassed to admit I have never been up there. Chris Link.
  10. http://www.clubtread.com/sforum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=29396&whichpage=1 lotsa banter and heresay in this forum ..
  11. Redistributed storm snow from mod to strong outflow winds, and Mid Pack Facets are two things that we are monitoring at Highways North Cascades (Coquihalla) The snowpack is at 54cms at hwy pass (102 cm long term average) and at our High stations it currently reads 94.cms. The snow pack has a real continental feel these days! Cms X .3937 = inches for my american friends! FYI chris link..
  12. Myself and two others climbed at the "mousetrap" as well on friday..Good goin! We also had GREAT results on the sailor bar north waterfall(not sure of guide book name) 3 pitchs of near perfect conditions. Current forecast for this area are to get warm by tuesday. day time highs of 3 in agassiz FYI. enjoy the great conditions! i sure did! Chris Link.
  13. -19 in the Coquihalla today.. It's all tightening up fine there! shitty skiing in the alders and huckleberries. climbing looks good though! too bad they frown on AV techs Ice climbing on the clock. haha! Chris.
  14. ministry of transportation . Road weather information system. designed to help the maintinence contractor with road conditions. i believe this particular WX stn provides subsurface temps and ambient air temps max, min, and present. I snooped around the net and could not find a way to access this without passwords unfortunatly. alot of the ministry webcams have local wx stn data associated with them such as the coquihalla cams. Enjoy Chris...
  15. research binding placement .. I have good luck with the bindings mounted 1 cm ahead of center. sum like it, some dont. Its all relative. but just know the options are out there . chris.
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