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  1. While ski touring at surprise lake today we stashed my MSR Reactor 1L at the Southwest end of the lake with other equipment we did not carry further to our objective. Upon our return 2 hours later we discovered the stove to be missing. If you happened to pick this up and take it with you, could you please return it to me. No questions asked. Thank you. Dave
  2. Is there an emoticon for a circle jerk? Because that is all this thread is good for... How many times on this site does this drivel get analyzed and fought over without any general consensus? FWIW, keep your route development techniques/styles to yourself. Ignorance is bliss for the general climbing populace. Knowledge of your actions will only create problems for the whole.
  3. Que the supreme ethics enforcer now.... Come on dawg, where you at? This is boring without your sage advice
  4. Impressive! S**t, I never would have thought to do something like that when I was 12. Correct me if I'm wrong but you sir look like you're 12 years old...
  5. Thanks for all your hard work Gypsylogger! This shows how route development/cleaning is truly a thankless act. I Can't wait to see what you uncover up there.
  6. Smiley Kylee and Mean Mug on the East face of the Wart at Index. Both 5.7ish, clean, 35 meters, and have a walk off or hardware to rap off the top.
  7. And you now have the 3 worst CNR Stuart TRs on this site... Did you not get enough attention as a child?
  8. And the worst CNR TR on this site goes to... It honestly sounds like you guys had a terrible time up there.
  9. Nice John, Next on your list should be Heavens Gate! Index is not a place to neglect... Dave
  10. Looking for a partner for the Bugs from Aug 5th - 11th. Sorry, these dates are set in stone. Hoping to do NE Ridge of Bugaboo Spire and other classics. Maybe hop on the BC. Have car and will drive. Dave.
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