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  1. Always enjoyed his tr's and photos. Sad to hear of this
  2. TD - Of course. You are doing exactly what I was just talking about. How many people actually like even using the word mountaineering anyway? Now that sounds like a contrived term to me nowadays. Put that on top of the word skiing or snowboarding and ...bam....the thread goes to the toilet bowl
  3. Wow....I am an asshole today. I am tired of hearing this old argument. It seems to just perpetuate the invalidity of splitboarding or snowboarding in general. I don't think most splitboarders are trying to become skiers. Only ones that call themselves "mountaineers" seem likely to cross over. Also.. I don't see how a skateboard backround could have any negative effect on riding a splitboard. That is just stupid.
  4. Skateboarding is way more fun than skiing or snowboarding....truss it. The learning curve is pretty steep....but....it keeps kooks like you away.
  5. I love understated tr's ...nice work getting up that solo
  6. Nice work...would have loved to have the days off. Jealous.
  7. I was up there today...didn't see any oompa loompa's
  8. "please don't post this on the webs"
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