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  1. Accident on NF of Shuksan today?

    Always enjoyed his tr's and photos. Sad to hear of this
  2. Snowboard Mountaineering

    TD - Of course. You are doing exactly what I was just talking about. How many people actually like even using the word mountaineering anyway? Now that sounds like a contrived term to me nowadays. Put that on top of the word skiing or snowboarding and ...bam....the thread goes to the toilet bowl
  3. Snowboard Mountaineering

    Wow....I am an asshole today. I am tired of hearing this old argument. It seems to just perpetuate the invalidity of splitboarding or snowboarding in general. I don't think most splitboarders are trying to become skiers. Only ones that call themselves "mountaineers" seem likely to cross over. Also.. I don't see how a skateboard backround could have any negative effect on riding a splitboard. That is just stupid.
  4. Snowboard Mountaineering

    Skateboarding is way more fun than skiing or snowboarding....truss it. The learning curve is pretty steep....but....it keeps kooks like you away.
  5. I love understated tr's ...nice work getting up that solo
  6. [TR] Mt. Rainier - Fuhrer Finger ski 2/3/2009

    Nice work...would have loved to have the days off. Jealous.
  7. [TR] Snow Lake - Oompa Loompa (WI3) 2/1/2009

    I was up there today...didn't see any oompa loompa's
  8. They did Buck N Face!

  9. Mt Baker condtions?

    Nice shots!
  10. To Whoever Reads This

  11. To Whoever Reads This

  12. [TR] Mauled on Dorado Needle - 8/24/2008

    Way to capture the elusive
  13. Photo Caption Contest, Part XVII

    "please don't post this on the webs"