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  1. Awesome report, awesome trip. And double bonus points for your partner having K2 Shuksans like me!!
  2. I've done Loomis in the winter. Great fun climb... if there is snow. Unfortunately all the snow melted before we climbed it and was stuck with steep, dead hellebore that was frozen stiff. Fun times included rappelling the vertical forest by headlamp. Great views of Baker from there.
  3. Absolutely beautiful guys. I hope you two cherish the memory of the trip for a long time. Steph, what lens did you use for your shots? I'm figuring since you were trying to go light as possible, you just brought a 55 mm? Also did you use a hard walled case to protect your camera? Thanks
  4. I can only tell you what that has been like this season in Colorado. Out of the six avalanche fatalities, three were true backcountry (including a snowmobiler) and two were actually in-bounds but in closed areas. We have had a scary layer-cake snowpack this season, so much so that I have been playing it very conservative. My condolences to all the friends and families of the victims. One of the victims is known to us here in 'rado.
  5. Nearly spit out my beer laughing when I read this.
  6. Very nice. I was on top Ruth Mtn exactly 10 years ago. Very surreal day.
  7. Awesome trip. I have to ask, do you just know everything flora and fauna under the sky or do you look it all up afterwards? I feel like I've been reading Natl Geo whenever I read your TRs. And I mean that in a good way!
  8. That was a full-value day you got. You're guaranteed not to see anybody up there. I remember years ago bashing around for a couple of hours trying to find that "trail". Spooked a big bear. He spooked me as well. And you're right, Hagen Peak is pretty awesome.
  9. I bouldered for the first time in 2 months and for the first time since I had a tight capsule and two muscles fixed in my right shoulder. I was weak, my balance was crap and I have girly skin on my fingers. But the shoulder did not hurt or make any funny noises. Hurray for small miracles!
  10. I think you put it best to all of us who were lucky enough to have climbed/scrubbed routes/explored and camped with Dallas.
  11. I'm still too shocked and numb to share anything about a man whose passion for all aspects of life should be emulated by all of us.
  12. Funny because when I first read the post, the Pasayten is exactly what came to mind. You can definitely play with the rope on Lost and Lake peaks. Beautiful area and when I spent 4 days up there, we didn't see a soul.
  13. 5-10 & 165 lbs. 173 K2 Shuksans with Pure Performance bindings. Love them but you can get bounced around pretty good on Sustrugi on those guys. However I love the touring ability vs performance level these skis equilibrate. If I could add another ski to the quiver, I would go get something a little fatter; would help on the Colorado powder days. [img:left]http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_EcJ-vCIJrIw/SfjOPMkWgII/AAAAAAAABWM/AmrFvQvvqzg/s1600-h/DSCN0953.JPG[/img]
  14. I feel like I need to hand in my touring skis and ice axes now. Amazing feat guys. Absolutely beautiful shots. Can't wait to see the portfolio of photos.
  15. Very pretty. Funny but some of the most picturesque ski tours I have done ended up having the worst ski conditions at the time. I guess you do have to pay one way or another. Sucks about the Sno-Park ticket. You can fight it though.
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