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  1. Skiiers vs snowboarders

    Huh, I guess we do have a bit of an accent eh
  2. current song in your head

    F*CK YEAH!!! Red Dwarf + Napalm Death = Golden
  3. current song in your head

    Good god I bought this song on Tuesday and have listened to it about 40 times and killed 3 people since then.
  4. In Memory of Ryan Johnson

    Looks so happy with his boy there
  5. Marc and partner missing in AK

    Bumped them both to the top of the BC Forum for your reading pleasure! And I'm mistaken, he soloed Cheam a week after his high school grad.. shit... I was probably playing Nintendo a week after my grad..
  6. Marc and partner missing in AK

    I met him once after I read the TR where he bailed off Slesse and lost all his gear, I sold him a bunch of old cams to restart his rack, nice kid. Haha his dad was with him and was a hard bargainer. One of my favourite all time TRs from CascadeClimbers is his "2 white boys on a big white hill", also liked the one where he soloed Cheam's N Face on his high school grad night. Sad event but as others have expressed 'live by the sword, die by the sword' right.
  7. current song in your head

    Christ, I thought mine were the only ones. They love the "Star Wars" spinoff one... Personally I'm listening, over and over again, to the "the Evil has Landed" by QOTSA
  8. Nicolum/Harrison topos/info

    Public Service Announcement - Nicolum Knob is shitty now. Don't bother unless you've got a few canisters of Agent Orange. The approach is totally overgrown, routes all mossed up... too bad really.
  9. Can anybody point me to/provide something more than what the all seeing/knowing Google proffers? Looks like mountainproject has the semi-authoritative listing. Specifically multi-pitch... what's that falcon crest one at Harrison? 6p or summit? Nicolum seems to have a nice 4p linkup. Thank you in advance,
  10. Best metal bands

    NEIN! ...but it helps
  11. Best metal bands

    Opeth sounds good, thanks for the tip, gonna get some!
  12. Sativa vs. Indica

    I shall singlehandedly revive spray... or I'll revive something singlehandedly anyway... Personally I like either strain in a pure variety, it's those crosses I can't stand, I get the classic "omg i'm having a heart attack" symptoms. But... on a desert island... I'll have to take a fat sack of sativa. Goddamn I'd have the neatest, tidiest island in the eastern hemisphere. Yes, I've been drinking. Why else would you come to Cascadeclimbers?
  13. Best metal bands

    Jesus Christ, spray had 1 new topic in May, oh Cascadeclimbers I mourn ye.... No Van Halen or other faggy bands to be nominated.. I propose: Bolt Thrower Killing Joke (not quite "metal" but fuck it) Fear Factory Proceed...