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  1. The Hyundai Accenté, a discerning choice, I drove one for many years. Mine was the 3CPO Golden hue as shown:
  2. Where's the one where the guy find a camera at the base of Dierdre and developed the film? That's another classic
  3. Looking pretty damp the last few days (I work @ the mill so drive past it every day), it's warmed up to about 0/-1 celsius the last 3-4 days, we got 5-10cm of snow today. Still hanging together. It'd probably be good this weekend + a few days but that's about it.
  4. Trip: Okanagan - Cirque of the Unremarkables Trip Date: 02/14/2019 Trip Report: After work ice cragging, what!? Pretty fun, comes in fast.. about 20 min north of Vernon, just take the turn-off for the Tolko mill and you can't miss it. Gear Notes: Ice stuff Approach Notes: Nowt!
  5. Did we read the same article? It was pretty clear that lowering the thermostat 2 degrees ain't gonna cut it. I think we need to accept this is going to happen, do our best to mitigate it, then prepare as best we can. Plan to evacuate coastal areas, where are we going to get food & water, how are we going to keep swarms of desperate refugees out, etc etc.
  6. It's odd that we even think that we can avert this, it's not like this report is news. Our habits aren't going to change, and if we do, well, the rest of the world won't. There was that report a few months back about how scientists were amazed to still find CFC's being emitted and depleting the ozone.. and they traced it back to China... a small example but indicative of the larger problem.
  7. Huh, I guess we do have a bit of an accent eh
  8. F*CK YEAH!!! Red Dwarf + Napalm Death = Golden
  9. Good god I bought this song on Tuesday and have listened to it about 40 times and killed 3 people since then.
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