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  1. Great news about immigration!

    Asparagus makes your piss smell funny.

    The reality of the matter is under the US system and precedent, if the Supreme say it is constitutional it is constitutional. There is no objective reality in law only the courts reality. It is what it is.
  3. Canada in the news (Not?)

    Remember, Canada was mostly settled by Americans who thought the revolution was just too radical. They were called Tory's, same as it ever was. Only exception was the frenchies.
  4. Montreal...

    Hey don't rank it too much they have the cheapest beer in Canada and their bread and cheese are ok
  5. sauce is the yard-stick of civilization

    Hate to disappoint you guys but that stuff in made in California.
  6. What's Up With Ft. Lewis?

    Random foreigners killing them is the norm, not unusual. It has been that way since Alex da Great. They expect that so it does not raise a stir. It only seems weird to us. But ist does not mean they like us in any way, they just see us as the expected assholes like the Russians before.
  7. Remove canada from your escape plans

    Love it!!!
  8. Canada to Quit Kyoto

    A few brave expats will battle the yanks just like 1812
  9. Republican Nominees for Prez

    Yeah, the agencies which 1. Aid US businesses (census, NOAA, Standards, Patent Office) 2. Try to educate Americans and 3. Produce and control Nukes and dispose of waste.
  10. Republican Nominees for Prez

    I watched from Eastern Canuckastan as it way after dark. Crikey what a pack of hoosers. I can't remember what it is but I want to cut these agencies note: Commerce includes the Patent Office, Energy includes NRC and production and care of nuck weapons etc. Of course Education does Student loans and we won't have any more of that nonsense.
  11. is it ironic...

    C'est la vie ::
  12. Penn Gillette on atheism

    But, there is no money in that.
  13. We remember

    We spent the day climbing up Algonquin Peak in the Alleghenies NY
  14. Dylan Ratigan for pres.....

    You could pay them nothing and they would be every bit as corrupt, they go into politics for power and graft the salary is nickels and dimes.
  15. Investment Fail III

    Ever seen Michele's hubby? [video:youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU66lIHW1dU&feature=player_embedded