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  1. Marrone Wall?

  2. Paying to skin up Mt Hood.

    Timberline could turn into meadows and make you skin around the resort in the wilderness area. But thank goodness they tolerate climbers and skinners. I skin through the resort but try and keep to the sides of runs or on the cat tracks. It they were to charge they better groom a nice trail for us to follow. Even then I will not pay. I am. Putting in the work to power my self up the slope so I don't have to pay $$.
  3. Opinions on beginner backcountry setup.

    Since you live in potland I would go to us outdoor store and Oregon mountain community to see if they have any used backcountry setups for sale, they might even have the skins to go with them. I would use fritchie or the barrons so that you could use your current ski boots. This should get you into the sport for under $1000. While not ideal to tour with resort boots you can do it, just realize that you will be giving up a lot with out BC boots and the heavier Barron's.
  4. Looks like mountaineering to me. Post more TR's like that! Besides it is a good conditions update for the rest of us.
  5. Falling Fun on Kennedy Gully

    Agree off white. That guy was going for a ride otherwise
  6. swamp feet/blister in touring boots

    what bronco said
  7. Broken Top! Conditions

    read this http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/1072976/gonew/1/TR_S_Sister_OR_Dog_south_side_#UNREAD
  8. Good Ski Mountaineering Boots for wider feet?

    The new Dynafit boots could be widened for you but I would ask first. I had my old garmont mega rides blown out and after years of cold/sleeping feet it is a whole new world. Did this last year. This year I wanted to get a more downhill performance and got the Tecnica Cochise and had them blown out and absolutly love them. But they started with a 100 mm last. They are HEAVY however. Next year I might look into getting the new stiff and lite dynafit boot if they can blow it out for me, to replace the mega rides. Forget what the model name is right now.
  9. Climbing Harness for some one who is bigger

    6'5" 225 Love this harness cadillac
  10. Teen falls at rocky butte

    and what is "safety equipment"?
  11. Teen falls at rocky butte

    why didn't he just get lowered and hike it out?
  12. Gear questions, Ueli Steck

    ????? second what G said.
  13. I have an idea. Let the locals decide what is good for thier crag. Heck they person who put up the dam think thought it good to take down. Game over.
  14. Kiss my Discovery Pass

  15. Nice tent

    TR...TR....TR....TR.... I want to see some pics of this tent out of the box and in the woods. Otherwise it is all talk. About time you show us all what we are missing.
  16. With two balls he would be man enough

    Ya but he "the most tested athlete tested" and yet we are only hearing about this through other athletes? I say enough of the wasted tax payer $$ over this. The french have been trying to bust him for years. Get over it, he got away with it.
  17. 12 WAC Members and Fixed Ropes on The Tooth

    Meet her ya right..... More like pound her into the side of the mountain 8D
  18. North sister conditions/trailhead access

    thanks for the road report JL
  19. Mt. Hood weather/cloud information

    Proem. No shit
  20. Parking at the Snow Lake - Alpental lot?

    Are there signs saying that there is no overnight parking and that they will tow you? Wonder if they have a ride program to get you off the pass to where ever you car its towed. Wonder if you called the police to say that your car was stolen. Seems like ticketing would be the best policy if they are going to be dicks about overnight parking. Besides how many cars are in the lot for "overnight parking." Could not be that big of a number.
  21. Top rope gear

    what steve said!!!
  22. Wow, wonderful trip you had. Love the pics. I dream about a trip like that.
  23. Anyone been on Mt. Shasta lately??

    http://climbingmtshasta.org/ http://www.shastaavalanche.org/ http://shastaavalanche.org/advisories/advisories/avalanche-advisory http://shastaavalanche.org/advisories/advisories/climbing-advisory
  24. wyeast avy last night?

    pics meadows blog
  25. Gotama or King Fujas

    I have the old solid black gotama's right now. Been thinking about a new set, and yes I use them for BC skiing. They are my go to ski for anything but ice. The new gotama has an extended low profile rocker. it seems more like a not full on reverse camber. This was my first thought to replace the old gotama's. But I came across the K2 King Fujas that have regular camber under foot and a bit of reverse camber at the tips in thier attempt to get the best of both worlds. Any thoughts on these two skis for a BC skis in all conditions but ice? Have another set for icy conditions.