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  1. Great, great work guys. Ross and my attempt there can hardly be counted. We were sent home with our tail between our legs. Obviously you guys did the line proud and that is very cool. The idea of the intensity of descents like this got me thinking too. While I often worry about the risk, when all is said and done, I feel like I've earned my feathers and you guys have too and that risk - while still high - feels like it is much less prevalent now than when I was younger. There is so much information and people that are highly skilled to ski with and draw wisdom from nowadays, not to mention better tools (skis, etc). I know for Ben and my brother, we felt like we were out there on our own. We certainly weren't. It was just that connecting with other like minded souls wasn't easy. The internet made that possible. It created a tighter nit culture that communicated and learned from each other. In the end, I believe that it has made for an educated community. It seem that you can indirectly back this up when you consider the amount of incidents that we have had. While there has been a few very unfortunate falls that I can think of (coleman HW, Liberty Ridge) and a few crevasse falls (Mt. Baker, although not confirmed and Mt. Rainier's Nisqually Glacier), there aren't many other fatal incidents involving skiers in the spring when a lot of ski mountaineering activity occurs. Considering what people are skiing that seems amazing to me. On an aside, I know for Ben Manfredi (whom we met when 16 yrs old) and my brother Josh, we'd hear the Skoogs names a lot back then from skiers we'd meet even as kids on the Muir Snowfields. They were certainly an inspiration for us to forge further afield than we had previously.
  2. Awesome. Thanks for the story and great images too! My attempt on the Watson Traverse was ended by high winds this year. Hopefully I'll get another chance this season, but if not this is encouragement to get on it next year.
  3. Awesome story. Thanks for sharing. This is the exact same route we skied/hiked a July or two ago. Amazing place. I most certainly loved ending on the Olympus Massif. Here is a link to our TR:Link. Great country!
  4. That was an amazing trip. Here's the rest of the story: Picket's Traverse, which I never got around to posting. Reading all of these TR's is really making me want to get outside!
  5. Nope, not us, we did the Isolation between June 4-10. I wish it were though...looks like great conditions still. Awesome. Super awesome you both got on such an amazing trip! You should try one more...the bailey traverse. That would be another great one for you two or even the Chiwakum's.
  6. Finally some corn snow around here. Awesome. We need to get out skiing together you guys!
  7. Nice man. Way to fly. I just finished 6 days out there. It was us you passed at Cache Col (jason hummel). It would've been nice to meet you. Awesome job killing it. That road hike was certainly extra fun. Yum. And yeah...having done the Ptarmigan (and Dome) many times, I've never seen that much snow...even in april. Amazing.
  8. Nice work. I've skied a few variations down that face and this year, it is so good. Perfect for skiing. Way to get it done on such a nice day. I was out on Glacier Peak and it was amazing weather.
  9. Thanks for the story John. And while I only met David a few times, many of my friends knew him well. Best of luck in the great snowy ranges, far from sight...in the hazy distances David.
  10. Awesome. Great lines. Good work getting out there. You have to love that apron on Fernow!
  11. While I hate the brush, etc, I really don't want to see a trail up into this area. Because of the Ptarmigan's popularity too many people already visit. I'm afraid a trail would just be a gateway to more regulation because easier access usually means more people and this is a fragile area that is already seeing overuse. The brush, which I don't have too much trouble with, isn't so bad. For a strong hiker/climber it's only one day to the lakes. I can see a trail saving an hour or so. I'm not sure that makes a trail worth the effort of building? I can understand your desire to make it easier to access, but in my opinion, I just don't see the need. I'm more willing to spend sparse resources on keeping road access and established trails clear of brush.
  12. Thanks. I may just leave the skis then and save it for another trip. There appeared to be a place there to rent them, although I'm unsure of the quality. I'm happy to just hike. I'll be skiing plenty when I get home. Thanks. BTW, checking out your peru photos now
  13. Okay...I'm thinking of bringing skis to my trip to Peru in November and December. I'll be hiking a lot as well, but skiing is in my blood and I know I will regret not skiing a few peaks (or more if it is awesome) while I am there. So ?'s for those that know. How's the snow in Peru in nov-dec? (i'm leaving in a week) What to ski? (open to anywhere in peru) Any other advice on places to stay? Any routes you think would be a blast as well ...and while I like steep ski routes, I'm happy to do ski traverses or peak bagging on easier routes since I haven't climbed/skied in the region... Thanks guys!
  14. Nice work guys! Great to meet you both...and nice to see your story and pics.
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