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How many days so far?


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I got my eighth day yesterday. It's evenly split between resort and backcountry as well, with each getting four days. My goal for this season was to get 30 days skiing. While it does seem very reasonable, I will be missing almost two weeks in Costa Rica.


So what's other people's tally so far?

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7, all resort days at Mt. Baker.


One day being in my top 5 powder days ever , with 20 seasons of snowboarding under my belt: 2nd chair on chair 6 after if was closed for 3 days with 30+ inches of freshiez.


"if snowboarding were sex, mt baker would be the orgasm"

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OUCH, only 1 day in the past 3 years, (great powder day last year). ZERO so far this year but am going for a few days next week. That stage in my life with very young-ens makes it tough to get out. Oh well, I grew up in Utah and would usually get over 100 days in a year back then. Someday, there will be life after children, so I'm told anyway. Please make some turns for me!

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5 days


And JayB, I have seen many a west coast hot shot humbled on East Coast ice, but it's incredibly rewarding to learn to carve it.


I'd prefer to go back to the days of tuning my edges once per season, daytime temps that never dip below the low teens, big-mountain terrain covered by staggering amounts of natural snow but...


Here's the existential quesion of the day:


Who is the least happy? The Eastern Skier in deep powder, or the Western skier on ice?

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5 in the backcountry and 2 at resorts. Would have had a lovely 10 day holiday in early december, but it was right after all of that rain that we got. So i went climbing In Bishop CA.


-East cost conditions build character. We wont be the ones complaining about hard snow, or chilly temps.

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