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3 Lost on Mount Hood


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Man, I hope that I never have to be rescued after a trip to REI. After flying into SeaTac we stop by REI on every trip up Rainier to buy fuel, food, and even one time a head lamp cause I forgot mine. I think a few times we asked for directions on how to get to the hill.


Mean while it sounds like it is power shower on Hood. A cave is a good place to be. Hope it turns out well.



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I know the guys up there can't read this right now, but I bet if you could you'd feel stronger knowing how many people out there are thinking of you and praying for your safe return. Here's to the folks from PMR, Crag Rats, and whoever else is going up there. Good luck, be safe, and know that there are a lot of people out there that appreciate what you do.

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Moderate to heavy rain or snow decreasing and becoming

more showery later Monday afternoon and evening. Moderate

to occasionally heavy rain or snow showers increasing

late Monday night and early Tuesday, decreasing and

becoming mostly moderate snow showers Tuesday morning.

Light to moderate snow showers decreasing mid-day and

Tuesday afternoon with some partial clearing. Light to

moderate rain or snow redeveloping Tuesday night,

increasing and becoming moderate to heavy late Tuesday

night and early Wednesday.


From the NW Avy Center forecast.........could be the window needed for teams to summit or get a chopper up there........

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I don't think that the spokesman for the family is a climber after seeing him on the news tonight nor do I think he is implying that because they have good equipment, they are good climbers.


The wind is howling in North Portland right now as I watch a huge doug fir in my backyard. I can only imagine what the winds are like up high. I pray that the snow cave holds up in this storm and that they are snug and safe, they keep the airway open, and they return to solid ground tomorrow.


It is easy to armchair quarterback situations like these, but I myself was talking to friends about heading up Saturday morning for a ski descent down the Wy'East route and we bailed due to weather. Could have easily been anyone of us up there, especially with how good conditions were late last week and before the weekend. The Cascades do and always will humble me.


Cluck, Iain and others of PMR and HRCR, plus all the guys at the sherriff's offices, thanks for all of your hard work and putting your lives at risk to save others. Godspeed.

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Just heard about this on the radio today. Lots of information doesn't seem to be adding up. Are the experienced or not, if so, why do they have to buy gear and why did they split up.


Anyhow, I hope they get off okay but if their chances are going to be much worse if they are up there for too many more days.



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Hey Tex! How's the desert? Tex, I don't think the media is covering this in an informed manner (read climber's knowledge) and they probably do not have all the details down, like we all know usually happens from previous experience. I think what the spokesman was trying to get across from the interview, was that they were well prepared and had probably stocked up on some last minute items like you or I would before a weekend in the Cascades. Maybe that the spokesman relates going to REi as buying equipment, when we as climbers all know that that is probably not the case, unless someone forgot to pack something or lost something in transit.


It sounds like they have suffiencient experience to climb the NF routes on Hood from their climbing resumes under normal late fall conditions. But I am just speculating from the climbs and routes they have been reported as climbing (Liberty Ridge was the only specific route given ) all the rest were large mountains but there is a huge difference between summitting Denali via the West Butt vs. the Cassin. That information was not given. Plus, we all know how spinddrift and high winds can turn a fun alpine route into a miserable trap fast.


I don't think we will know the full story until they are down and able to recount what happened. I pray that we will be afforded this opportunity.


Sending warm thoughts on this miserable night...

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Please people, just because someone stops into REI, IME or any other gear store at the start of a climbing trip doesn't make them bad climbers. In fact, we always seem to stop at gear stores and we've often changed our minds on what long route to do and end up perhaps buying or renting lightweight crampons or axes or any clothing and gear we may not have elected to bring along due to luggage restrictions and initial objectives. Regardless of the info we had before leaving home, we also try to get beta from locals who may have been on our chosen route recently. It's the smart thing to do. Best to all involved. We here in the east have our fingers crossed.

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I think it's a digital thing Gaper. I had pretty good service on the North Side of Hood with my old analog ATT cell. Switched to a fancy digital phone with verizon and now I don't get jack up on the mountain. :cry:


You're right. It's gotta be a digital thing. Our TV live trucks have both digital and analog phones. When we're at Cooper Spur or T-Line the digital phones don't work at all, but the analog works like a charm. Of course I've never had a problem making a digi call from the summit.


There's a WX window today. Lower winds and a little less precip. PMR, AMR and Crag Rats... you guys rock. Best of luck today. It's tough sleeping down here when you know what's going on up there...



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As a friend of Kelly James', the climber in the cave, I want to thank everyone for the positive vibes and prayers. I'm a semi-retired climber now, but over the past 20 years have climbed with Kelly (mostly rock, some snow/ice) from Texas to Yosemite to Pacific NW to New Hampshire so I know his abilities well. We are planning a rock climbing trip to New Mexico in the spring.


I also know Brian Hall, one of the other two, through Kelly, but have never climbed with him.


Kelly and Brian are very well-experienced and well equipped and level headed. They have summited Denali, Aconcagua, Huascuran, Rainier (14 times for Kelly), including Liberty Ridge this summer. They spend time regularly in Ouray ice-climbing.


Kelly has an iron constitution and is one of the best natural athletes I've ever met. He is also a very spiritual person, so I think his faith is probably helping him right now. I cannot think of anyone more likely to come thru this than Kelly.


Keep thinking good thoughts...



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