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  1. Hi Chris, check your messages (under "My Stuff" tab)-
  2. Hi, I have 5 Camalots for sale- purchased in the last year but never used (4 are still in the plastic). $270 for all (vs. $340 new); am in Seattle (live in WS, work in Interbay) so can meet in town. Please pm me if interested. Cheers, T
  3. Hi, I have new Thule roof rack system parts- they are a few years old but still in the boxes. Feet: 400XT (4 pack). "Strongest, best fitting foot for vehicles without a factory rack or rain gutters." Link: http://www.thule.com/en-US/US/Products/Base-Racks/Feet/400XT-Aero-Foot-Pack Fit Kit: #161, specific to: VOLVO 850 4-dr Sedan, 92--96 VOLVO 850 5-dr Estate, 93--96 VOLVO S70 4-dr Sedan, 97--99 VOLVO V70 5-dr Estate, 97--99 Link for fit kit 161 description: http://www.rackattack.com/product-pages/product-pdf/thule-fit-kit-161-instructions.pdf 400XT feet retail for $189.95, will sell for $100. Fit Kit retails $75, will sell for $30 Also have new bars (LB58) and new Keys/cylinders, would consider selling with other items. Am in West Seattle. Text 206-819-3776 Thanks!
  4. Found a new Verizon phone Sunday afternoon about half way up from Source lake to pass that drops down to Snow lake. It was sitting directly on the main uptrack, found at roughly 3pm. Phone is new, has a Blackberry style keypad under screen. Text Tom at 206-819-3776 to claim. It has a lock code on it so i'll use that to confirm owner. I live in West Seattle, work in Ballard and am working Monday 12-31 Cheers, Tom
  5. Trip: Forbidden - West Ridge (some B Basin conditions/pics) Date: 9/9/2011 Trip Report: First time in Boston Basin in years, rare convergence of high pressure forecast, hall pass, and urge to get out before weather goes South. Route was great, approach goes to gullies/chimneys (couloir totally out), 1st couple of hundred feet a little thoughtful. Great day. Attached are a couple of (unfortunately) low-res pics of N Ridge, Buckner, and Boston-Sahale. Still lots of seasonal snow up there, Sahale etc looked great. Permits were easy, saw few people. Great time.
  6. Thanks Matt! I think I was too focused on keeping my 3 y.o. away from the edge when I must have left the TR stuff up there. My fault, but still crossing fingers to get it back. Attached is action photo of Finn on the first bit. We moved over left for a longer (60-70') pitch next. I took them there because I was aiming for low-key and great views. When Finn got up near the top of the crag, he glanced over his shoulder and stopped in his tracks saying "Whoa! I can see the whole world from up here. What the heck?!". It was awesome. http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/plab/data/500/medium/2011-08-20_13-28-48_29.jpg
  7. First time out climbing in 2 years, took my tots climbing for 1st time on Mt Erie and promptly left gear at crag. Just realized it now. It was up around the top or climber's right of the summit wall. Tally includes camalots 1, 2 and .75 (1 and 2 old school with wire triggers), I think 1 tcu, a few lockers and a couple of regular biners and 2 cordelettes and a sling or 2. Would love to get them back, beer reward! You can message me here or call or text Tom at 206 819 3776 Thanks! Tom
  8. Great job guys, congrats! Kat we will miss you! TM
  9. Hi, I'm interested in some of the holds- where are you located (area code unfamiliar)? Please email me @ thomsonmilne@gmail.com, thanks! Tom
  10. We have a school trip heading to Yosemite August 16,17,18, 19. Trip starts and finishes in San Francisco. Email me if you are interested and I can give you some more details. Joel - joelbooth@hotmail.com
  11. Beautiful climb, congrats to all. My 2 cents also would go to Full Tilt as the pitch name as part of the Tempest, commending the solid work by all and as the killer name for that pitch... but I am coming from 100% armchair status (though it wasn't always that way). Awesome send on that pitch, epic photos too. That route's a classic anywhere! Over my head, but appreciate it. Another pitch there looks like last pitch of South Face on Prusik, but even better. You all must have had some great times up there.
  12. Planning to go to Denali, Everest or 8k meters, or Antarctica? Or anywhere butt-cold? These are phenomenal boots. New $799, yours for $375. Your toes are worth it. Used 11 days on a Vinson climb in Antarctica, very clean and limited wear on soles. There are a couple of dings on the rand/gaiter, worst ones pictured below. This was my second time to Vinson, 1st time w/these boots. They are incredibly warm and comfortable, and light. Amazing upgrade from plastics and neoprene gaiters etc. I won't be going anywhere high and cold for at least a year, so I'm selling them. I am generally US men's 9.5-10, these were the right size for me. Inside I wore a thin liner and a midweight sock, and put in a (non-orthotic/custom) footbed. Contact Tom at 206-819-3776, or tmilne@remotemedical.com Here's a link to the description: http://www.marmotmountain.com/MMWmain.asp?Option=Detail&StyleID=10006402
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