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    I see some of the old crew still hangs around. Thought you might want to know that Terminal Gravity passed away on March 18th after a difficult battle with cancer. He was a good person and a great friend. Extremely generous and always helpful. I loved him like a brother and will miss him terribly. I’ll never forget our climbing trip to Bolivia and his determination and understanding. Fuck cancer.
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    Is it Now?

    Someone leave the door open?
  3. Well that sucks. Jesus the time flies.
  4. I think you are confusing me with someone else. I am not that old!
  5. Holee fuck--its been 15 years? Well, slap mah fro! That was certainly not a forgettable experience for me--sitting in my car waiting for you perfect idiots to show up. Off_white you are truly a gentleman and a scholar. I was just listening to a mix-cd you had made for me. Remember that?
  6. I got virtually the same private message from that douche. I took it for what it was: a lot of empty bluster. I don't think that BS had anything to do with decreased site traffic. Its primarily because of social media. I personally moved onto other pursuits and stopped hanging out here out of a lack of interest. I'm starting to feel the itch again so here I am sniffing around and lo and behold its the same old-timers! holee chit. How the hell you ladies doin? p.s. Part of the reason I stopped sharing trip reports is when one of my very most favorite spots was shared on a regional magazine and is now overrun with gapers.
  7. PM returned. All the snow/ice stuff is sold, pending payment.
  8. Why skip through it? That's my favorite part of the route... +1 Those hook moves are frankly the most interesting part of the route
  9. Bought these to replace drop bars on a single speed and they are the wrong size (26mm clamp). Never used but may have some minor knicks in the powder coating from storage. $10 each plus shipping Pickets are used but in decent condition, lots of miles left. Various sizes. How about $30 for all plus shipping. 5 ice screws, various sizes. Light surface rust from sitting around. I am pretty sure they are all Black Diamond and most, if not all, are express screws. $100 for all 5. The snarg, pitons and screamer are all used with light wear, mostly from just being carried around and never placed. Lets say $30 for all of that. All prices are OBO and do not include shipping. Thanks
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