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  1. Saturday 9/2 9am through Monday 7224 SW 33rd Ave, Portland, OR, 97219 A sample of the gear for sale: BD 2 gen vipers $200 BD 1st gen fusions $175 Petzl Darts $100 Salamon Fruit Boots with darts size 9.5: $75 Silvereta 300 bindings w crappy skis: $50 wild things gore tex bivy sack like new: $125 MSR dragonfly stove with pump and extra gas bottles: $50 BD turbo express ice screws $25 each Random cams and nuts K2 shes piste with BD 02 bindings $75 I will be posting what I don't sale this weekend, but come by and say hi. My wife and I are moving to the bay for a job and we have to cut my possessions in half so I can fit in a small apartment.
  2. Hell Yeah Boys! I just want to say that every one of my trips to this place were memorable. Thank you, Eric, Bill & Geoff for having me along on your dreams, I truly cherish our times on the Rapunzel. Sincerely, Bryan Schmitz
  3. The AAC and the Mazamas=local government Really?
  4. There is someone from the American alpine club right, another the mazams, seemed reasonable to have those groups have a say.
  5. These are sweet skis, so light for being so big
  6. How was Dutch Charlie looking? Always wanted to do that climb. The granite there looks great.
  7. I would like to come crawling
  8. Pins pulling? Thought I had been assured that would never happen on the south face.
  9. Except for the fact that checking a pin requires you to carry a hammer around all the time. Which is just so damn reasonable. Personally I would love to see some actual real scientific data that says pins last longer than bolts and are safer.....
  10. That second pin in the above picture is why I think it is stupid to keep replacing shitty pins with pins that will soon become shitty
  11. Very nice, stoked to check this out, thanks for the gardening work.
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