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  1. Bikini Bottoms Espresso?

    Tinkerbell doesn't see the point of big tits.
  2. Dying is NOT worth it.

    Are you advertising your porn sites again?
  3. Climbing Getting Popular

    Uncage Your Soul!
  4. What annoy's you

    My mattress jingles cause I have bells on the bedposts.
  5. Snow pants

    Real men wear kilts.
  6. Weight Loss Contest

    Eat less, exercise more.
  7. Climbing Getting Popular

    Just remember to tie knots in the ends of your ropes.
  8. Today I wanna thank...

    You wankers don't bike commute every day?
  9. omg!

    Wait, Snoop is playing a gig in LETHBRIDGE, Alberta? Where the fuck is that?
  10. Sleep in the car at Timberline?

    And beware of dickhead telemark skiers who pull in next to you in the parking lot, pop open their doors, and start blasting their stereo.
  11. [TR] Around Chair Peak - Ski Around 4/28/2007

    So you kicked a large dangerous avalanche on top of some stupid people and walked away.
  12. What annoy's you

    Dickhead telemark skiers who pull into the Timberline parking lot in the evening, park next to napping climbers, and proceed to open their doors and CRANK THE STEREO TO FULL VOLUME. Gawd, fellas. No one want's to hear your crappy high school music at any level.
  13. Chugach

    Would you two please get a room?
  14. Traffic stop gone wrong

    Another good example why innocent civilian need to be armed with pistols.
  15. Procyon Lotor Problem

    Have the laws changed. Remember, it's really about your POLITICAL FREEDOM.