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  1. PDX Beer Run Trip Report

    Well, technically, biking under the influence is against the law in Oregon. Running under the influence is not, unless the broader public intoxication statutes are applied. And, I was running in pretty much a straight line!
  2. PDX Beer Run Trip Report

    I managed to hold it all down! Started at home a little before noon. Hit Sasquatch Brewing and had a pint of their Woodboy IPA Headed down to Fat Head's Brewing and had a pint of Head Hunter IPA Then, across the bridge to Ex Novo and had a glass of Eliot IPA Just up the street to Ecliptic and a glass of Orbiter IPA Went south to Lucky Lab on Hawthorne and had a pint of Dog Day (I think!) Down the road to 13 Virtues where I had a pint of forgettable IPA (not the name - just a description) And, finally, to Laurelwood where I had a pint of Workhorse IPA and a great burger with the family. I think 17 miles is pretty accurate. I would recommend waiting at least 6 months between such runs so you forget how sore your quads are afterward. I was really impressed with Fat Head's. I am oviously an IPA guy, and would like to go back and try their double and triple IPAs. (I avoided those on the jog!)
  3. PDX Beer Run Trip Report

    If anyone is up for joining me for round two, I'm going to do it tomorrow. If not for the jog, for the beer. I will be starting at Sasquatch at noon, then heading to Fat Head's, then to Ecliptic, Burnside, Lucky Lab, and down to Laurelwood. Should be to Laurelwood in Sellwood around 6:30pm. I may sneak in Hair of the Dog and Hub if I am making good time.
  4. PDX Beer Run Trip Report

    So, I suppose this is the right forum to post in. And, I am sure "PDX Beer Run" is copywritten. Anyway, on Saturday, August 15th, I could not leave town, but needed to get in some mileage. I hit the gym for a workout, then came home. I live a mile or so from Multnomah Village. I jogged up to MV where I met my wife, mother-in-law and daughter and we watched the Multnomah Days parade. When that was done, I jogged up to Hillsdale, where Sasquatch Brewing is. It was closed, since it was 11:30am, and I did not want to wait till noon. So I jogged to McMenamins right up the road and had an pint of session IPA. Not bad. From there, I jogged to Deschutes Brewing in NW Portland and had a pint of Fresh Squeezed. Then I headed across the Broadway Bridge. I was heading to Ecliptic Brewing, when I passed Ex Novo Brewing. I stopped and had a nice glass of Eliot IPA. (yes, I switched to glasses!). The guys at Ex Novo were great. I then jogged up past Ecliptic to Stormbreaker brewing and had a glass of their IPA. Pretty good as well! From there I headed back south, but had to take a bio break at Ex Novo as I jogged back by. I hit Base Camp Brewing, which apparently only sells pints. I like the facility but am not huge on the beer. Then, it was on to Baerlic Brewing. Decent stuff there. I headed south toward Sellwood. On the way, I passed a place that I believe is called Thompson Distillery. Anyway, I guess the makers of Brew Dr. Kombucha distill teas into booze. I tried a few of those as they were doing a free tasting. Then it was on down to Sellwood, where I intended to meet my wife and daughter for dinner at Laurelwood. Unfortunately, I arrived a half hour early, so I had to go over to Lompoc Oaks Bottom and have a pint of C-Note. Then, I hit Laurelwood and and had a pint of Workhorse along with my burger and tots. I think I calculated maybe 17 miles, 6 pints or so, and a litte booze. I think if I organized, I could probably get a lot of people to join me! But, I'm in Portland, so I'm sure it's already being done. Sorry, no pics. They would have been all blurry at the end anyway!
  5. Trip: North Sister / Middle Sister - SE ridge / N ridge Date: 8/22/2015 Trip Report: Okay, I've not posted a trip report for a long time because I've been way too busy with work and have not done anything exciting enough to post. But over this last weekend I did something that I deemed worthy of a trip report. I was over in Central Oregon working and on Friday was able to hit the pole Creek trailhead for a little hike starting Saturday morning. I had thought about the three sisters marathon, but it never really given it serious thought. I thought I would just take off and see how far I got. I hit the trail at about 6 AM and made pretty good time through the burn. I actually thought it was pretty neat to be able to see the hills so far in advance. I wouldn't wish for a burn, but I've always thought the first few miles out of the pole Creek trailhead was a little boring. I cruised along and actually went further than I intended to before turning off the trail and bushwhacking. In fact, I went all the way to the trail that leads between middle and North sisters rather than starting earlier. After following this trail for a while I had to turn and climb pretty much straight up the scree slope in order to gain the Southeast Ridge. At that point I saw climbing group way ahead of me, and figured that I would run into them later. The hike up the Ridge was pretty uneventful. It was really smoky. Visibility was poor. There was a nice breeze. Before long I found myself at the beginning of the traverse where I caught up to the climbing party that I'd seen ahead of me. They were gearing up with harnesses and rope. I chatted with them for a minute and it turned out that they were a group of Chemeketans out of Salem. They mentioned that there was a solo climber ahead of me and to be on the lookout for him in the bowling alley. I put on my lid, passed them and went across the traverse which was dry and in really good condition. On the other side I ran into Lou from Minnesota who was the solo climber they had mentioned. We got up into the bowling alley. Brian, the Chemeketans climb leader, offered us some great beta. He offered that once in the bowling alley we should hang to the far right of the alley up a very exposed but fairly solid arete. He said that he had discovered this route on his fourth or fifth climb up north sister and it offered some of the most solid rock in the entire bowling alley. We followed Brian's advice and indeed the rock was very solid. We climbed up and to the right to a point at which one could look down over the traverse itself, and then we went left up to the rock that climbers typically rap off of. The only other time that I summitted North sister, my buddy Kevin led us up the far left hand side of the bowling alley, setting protection along that wall. This route along the right side of the bowling alley was much much more solid than the left side. Lou and I very quickly found ourselves up above the rap rock where we walked up the ramp to the summit. It was right about noon at this time. While Lou was taking pictures I walked back down to the rap rock to see how the climbing group behind us was doing. Brian had assembled his team at the bottom of the bowling alley in that safe area over to the climbers left. He did mention his intent to climb the same route that we had and then to rap back down after dropping rope, and assisting his team with prussiking up the rope. We were going to wait until he got up and then rapped back down and then we would down climb. However, he led his entire team except for one person at the same route that we climbed. And, he did not need to rap back down to assist the last climber as that last climber prussiked up the rope with no difficulty. His team got up to the point that I was at the rap rock and made their way up to the summit. At that time I asked Brian whether he would mind, since his rope was in place, if Lou and I (who both brought our harnesses)were to utilize that rope to rap back down much more quickly and and safer than down climbing. Brian very nicely allowed us to do so. So we rapped down the bowling alley and utilized the fixed rope that Brian's team had left across the traverse and were out of there in no time. It turned out that Lou was also thinking about three sisters marathon, so I asked him if he would mind some company as he descended north sister and climbed the North ridge of Middle sister. He said he would love some. So we made our way down the slope from North sister, dropped off the right side down the scree slope and found ourselves at the snowfield. We took out our ice axes but it did not really require crampons. Lou satdown before getting on the snowfield because he actually had some Aluminum crampons and he wanted to put on to try. I walked on across the snowfield find our route. I went ahead little ways across the snowfield and onto a rock band above it, and then I saw some tracks leading across another snowfield that I suspected were going in the correct direction. I followed them for a ways going slowly to wait for Lou. After 15 or 20 minutes I saw Lou heading up the rocks towards Prouty point. I gave him a yell that I'd seen tracks over in my direction and assumed that that was the correct direction to go. He said he was going to just climb a little bit more to take a look and see if his direction was the correct route. I went on and found myself looking at the North ridge of middle sister. From my vantage point it looked very steep and difficult. But things often look that way before you get on to them. I looked back and saw Lou at the top of Prouty point, where he obviously saw that he would have to climb all the way back down the way that he came and circle around to my location. At that point I decided that I didn't want to wait too much longer for him and was just going to climb the ridge on my own. So I set off of the North ridge of middle sister which looked much much easier as I got onto it. There was an awful lot of scree but it wasn't too long until I was at the top of middle sister with two other couples that come up from camp late. I sat down for a few minutes for a snack and some water at which point a person came up in North ridge from the direction that I had come. I asked him if he passed Lou and he said that he had. It ended up that his name was Christian, and he worked in sisters. He had come up the snowfield between North and middle sister to gain the North ridge and had passed Lou a ways down on the scree slope. By this time it was about 4 o'clock in the afternoon and I knew that making it up south sister would be a bit far-fetched. I told my wife that I would be home in Portland that evening and I didn't want to be climbing all night. So, Christian and I decided to bail out together. We went down the scree descent trail from middle sister to Camp Lake where we stopped briefly to empty out our boots of all the rocks that we had accumulated. We had a little snack at the lake. And then we headed down the trail back to Pole Creek where we arrived at about 9 o'clock. I made it to sisters in time to get some gas at an open gas station, and then Christian and I hit three Creeks brewing for a couple of beers. Then, I hit the road and made it back to Portland at about 1 AM. I'm not sure how many miles or feet of elevation I gained, but all in all it was a very good day. If I ever set my sights on the three sisters marathon, I'm certainly going to start out around midnight or so which I assume is what most people do. It's certainly doable, but would take a little gutting it out. If anyone is interested in photos, I can probably come up with a few. Gear Notes: Take plenty of water. I went through 3 liters by the time we got most way down middle. Filled up from the melting snowfield.
  6. Jeff and NSis Conditions

    Was up N sis 8/22. All dry and nice.
  7. Is North Sister "Terrible Traverse" dry?

    Climbed it Saturday 8/22. It is dry as a bone and in as good shape as possible. TR to come.
  8. Well, you could hike in 12 miles or so to it, or you could pay your $25 for a tram ticket, and the tram stops pretty much at that crag. It's right around 8,000 feet. Name slips my mind, but I think it starts with a C. This is a State Park as well. Not sure about any regulations.
  9. Wow. That's a beauty. Not sure if I'll make it much later in the year though. Have to pay to heat the pool in winter! Thanks.
  10. Trip: Mt. San Jacinto - Cactus to Clouds (C2C) Date: 10/9/2013 Trip Report: OK, I am sure that there are those that call this a hike, but I've seen TR's for Hood and South Sister, so I'm posting it. My wife and I have been heading to Palm Springs in October for a couple of years. This year, I looked into doing some sort of hike or climb. I found this C2C hike to the top of Mt. San Jacinto. It climbs from a few hundred feet pretty much in town, up to the summit at a tad under 11K, for over 10K feet of pretty much continuous gain over some 18 miles, and then descends about 6 miles back to the tram that rises to about 8,000 feet. Then, its a 15 minute ride down to the tram station. First, let me show you what I am leaving, so you know how hard this hike is. Did not want to leave the pool! I left from the Ramon Road trailhead (which i think is called the Lykken Trail) at about 6am. I had jogged up the trail a couple of days before, so I was familiar with the route that I would be covering in the dark. Daybreak brought some great views. I did see one other headlamp in the dark, coming up from the Museum Trail, which is the alternative starting location. It does not look like the mountiain could possibly be that far away or that high, but once you get up there a ways, you believe it. There are a couple of rescue caches that have water and food, flashlights, emergency blankets, etc. along the way. Apparently there have been some fatalities. I made some pretty good time and did not see a soul until I got almost up to the Tram station around 11am. I ran into a guy name Joseph, and we did part of the rest of the way together. We hit snow pretty soon after the tram station. I was not particularly happy that I had opted for tennies, in order to get everything in one carry-on. It was warm and pretty damn slushy for miles. I got the to the top around 2pm, and was back down to the tram station at about 4:30pm enjoying a Stone IPA. The upper mountain was pretty busy with tourists. But, not very many people made it to the top if the tracks in the snow were any indication. I highly recommend the hike if you are down that way. I had the legs for the return to the trailhead, but had dinner plans and would not have made it down until probably 8 or 9pm. Here are some shots. Gear Notes: Tennies, 3 liters of water and 1 of Gatorade Approach Notes: dark
  11. Loss at Aconcagua

    Billcoe is correct on Dave's name on here. Hard to believe that our Adams trip was so long ago, but that's probably about right. There were so many of us I don't remember everyone. Still, good times! Any loss is tough but it always seems worse when it's someone we know doing something we all love.
  12. Loss at Aconcagua

    I saw on the news tonight that Dave Reinhart and Eric Norse were lost on Aconcagua. Greg Norse survived. I worked with Dave for 5 years and call him friend even though we only spoke every year or two. I climbed with him and Greg a couple times and wanted to share a couple of stories: On one of my early hikes, Dave, Greg and I went with a large group of folks up Mt. Adams. We had some beers and steaks the night before and got up at 5am or so to head out. Dave had me pick up his pack. It was a good 50 lbs. Greg did the same. His was at least 75lbs. Mine was about 30 for the overnighter. Greg was with what I called a "foofie" girl - cute but not real strong looking. We made it up to lunch counter with greg and his gal way behind. When they finally showed up, she looked pretty cheerful and we expressed surprise to Greg that she made it. He confided that she made it about a hundred yards out of camp before tossing her 20lb daypack on his. She conveniently got it back about a hundred yards before lunch counter. At that point Dave brought out the half gallon of tequila from his pack and Greg the two half gallons of margarita mix from his. We enjoyed margaritas at 9200 ft. Another time Dave brought a pony of a nice brown ale that he brewed to my Super Bowl party. A couple of the gals were topless before the night was through! It must have been good beer! Dave was a great guy and Greg is one of the strongest guys I've ever seen in the hills! My family's best to the Norse and Reinhart families. I know that Dave had only been married a brief time and Char seems like a great gal. These things suck every time I hear about them. I know Dave was on hear from time to time. He and eric will be missed. Climb on. Jon
  13. Petzl Aztars

    Any Leashes? Pics?
  14. WTB: Aztar

    I'm looking for an Aztar in good condition. I've been pretty happy with the one, coupled with an axe. But, I may want to play at some point, and it would be nice to have the pair. I don't really care if it's hammer or adze. Let me know. Thanks.