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  1. What a great writeup Jojo! Awesome work you guys, inspiring!
  2. [TR] El Capitan- Yosemite - Zodiac- June 2014

    Awesome story, thanks for sharing and for the great pics.
  3. Fantastic report and pictures. And a big cheers to you and your son for doing a heck of a job on such a traverse. Inspirational bit of family activity right here. :tup:
  4. [TR] Mt Hood - Southside 2/10/2013

    Congrats to you and yer wife, and thanks for sharing some beautiful pics!
  5. New Avy Safety Gear

    Got a chance to try out the new avalanche safety inflating backpack attachment this past weekend at Diamond... Conditions were pretty sketch, so we figured it'd be good to deploy the device before dropping in. As you can see in the picture it was probably a good thing to have as most of the bowl slid. It was pretty touch and go there for a bit, but I'm fairly confident that she may have saved me from at least an ankle deep burial. I would be surprised if I didn't see one of these on the backs of a lot of backcountry skiers in the near future.
  6. something other than Hood - SF Owyhee 4/16-23/2011

    What an awesome adventure! Thanks for writing it all up, was a great read! The vid is bad-assed! If I hadn't read the story first I would have thought swimmy-swim...
  7. Sanctuary Found

    Wow! That looks fantastic!
  8. Thought maybe y'all would like some shots from across the way.
  9. FS: Complete AT Package / Dynafit - NEW

    Yo dude, I'm interested in the story... All this brand newish gear... Did you win it in a contest or get hurt or something? Must be a story behind a pile of new gear for sale.
  10. LEAVENWORTH Avalanche Fatality

    Very sad.
  11. Fake Petzl Reproductions, beware

    See link Will be interesting to see if Petzl confirms...
  12. Fake Petzl Reproductions, beware

    Looks like it's true
  13. Fake Petzl Reproductions, beware

    After a little research, I think it would be prudent to wait to see if Petzl actually says anything about it. Sounds like lots of people are starting to think it's a hoax (about a hoax)... If so i really apologize for posting this. more discussion here
  14. [TR] Beacon Rawks - Stone Soup - Aid Solo 2/10/2011

    FWIW, nice climb Miker.
  15. Three Finger Jack

    Ya, pins are still there. Summit has changed a little in the past few years, but the climbing really hasn't (at least the sections that you would consider protecting). Seems like Mazamas or not it's a bit zooish up there, maybe try to hit it mid-week or early AM or late PM.
  16. Body of missing skier found

    Wow, just read through the TAY thread. What a sad story. She sounded like a really awesome person.
  17. [TR] Diamond Peak - Pioneer Gulch 2/1/2011

    Way to get after it guys! Really appreciate you taking the time to post up the report... We've been trying to decide if it's worth dusting off the skis for this weekend, doesn't look like the corn is really happening yet although the temps look like they are going up in the next couple of days.
  18. how long does it take to climb Jefferson?

    Jeff Park was a very do-able car to car day. Nowhere near the physical effort of the sisters marathon. It doesn't leave a lot of time for getting lost, but I don't recall any jogging either. Just be in good shape and be prepared to be on the move for most of a day. Actually I think overall we expended less effort by not dragging our overnight gear in there.
  19. Another helment cam near miss video

    Eek. That snow looked way heavy.
  20. [TR] Susanville, CA - Lone Rock 10/26/2009

    That is a great vid Ian, nice work getting out and exploring in that area.
  21. Mt Hood Summit Bid

    For Pearly Gates, follow this group For Old Chute, follow this group Seriously dude, I googled old chute, clicked on images and this is what came up... Don't come on here acting all pissy cause someone pointed out your google skillz are shit. Sometimes we flame people with at least twice as many posts as you have!! Seriously though, I'd look from March to May for the best weather window, I usually avoid heading up there is the forecast calls for more than a 40% chance of precip. Bring you rock gear too, cause it's really nice to head over to Smith if you think the weather is gonna suck up on the hill.