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  1. I'm pretty sure you can camp either at bennet pass or white rive sno=park. THey are both right by meadows. I've never camped there but have camped in other snowparks with no problems. Just make sure to camp a bit removed from the lot so you don't get noticed.
  2. I might know someone...check your pm's
  3. A cautionary tale. Was in the buguboos a few years ago and heard a horrible rockfall accompanied with a scream. Ended up the guy had slung a table sized boulder and rapped off it. It didn't work out. I was part of the crew that packed up his belongings to be sent back to his family.
  4. Would like to climb alpine rock. I'm reasonably experienced and comfortable leading 5.9 and 5.10 trad in the alpine.
  5. Just got back from the mountain. Climbed and skied leutholds. Conditions on that side of the mountain were excellent. Saw some folks headed up the old chute and didn't see any major mishaps. East wind was keeping things cool up there. I was amazed at how warm govy was.
  6. Frikadellar sounds like he went up towards the east side of the mountain, meadows seems to be under the impression that the entire east sector of hood is their domain and all who trod upon it are subject to their authority or else they will call the sheriff or possibly use their howitzer on you...meadows ski patrol has truned into a mindless tool of corporate interest. Timberline on the other hand has a great policy towards bc users. From my experience they don't have a problem as long as your not being an asswipe.
  7. great to see and folks getting some. Frikadellar-whats the deal with the ski patrol. What area of the mountain where you on and why were the hassling you. I think we need to start hassling them for a change. Lots of BC users are getting pissed becasue of their new "nazi" approach. Forest Service land should be for all not just paying costumers.
  8. I'd be interested. What can you tell me about the vestibule. I've had some issues with awkward vestibules with two door tents. The damn fly was always in the way. PM me your digits, I'm in Portland.
  9. Anyone know any scenic climbs or tours around boulder to do during the winter. I'll be in the area for a few days over the weekend and was thinking of getting out, possibly solo, possibly with my girlfriend.
  10. I could possibly get out Thursday by 4:00-4:15. Just interested in running some laps on some of the classics at Beacon.
  11. I'd like to get out and climb at either index or beacon for a few days at the end of the week. I'm familiar with beacon and climbed quite a bit there but I've only been to index once and would like to check out some more of what the place has to offer. I prefer climbing 8's, 9's and 10's but am willing to stretch.
  12. Pdk and where up in the colchuck area the day of that storm. We just got back to the tent after climbing serpentine when it started hailing marble size chunks of ice. On the hike out we heard about a party on the ridge. That must have been you guys. It's good to hear you're ok. We where wondering who gets on a big ridge climb in the afternoon as clouds are beginning to build. Only the bold I dare say, only the bold.
  13. More questions. What condition is the summit pyramid of shuksan in. Plan to ski up with my g-friend. Is it snow or rock? Can it be done in skiboots or are crampoons required?
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