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  2. So I haven't logged into cc.com for years. I am blaming children and utter laziness. I was greeted with some PM's from old friends, so awesome! Anyhow, during my absence, I have filled my time with shredding, internet pr0n, and creating some cool new stuff. My latest project is for my fellow skiers, and it allows you to get text message alerts when freshies have been reported at your fav PACNW ski hill. So far I only have the Oregon resorts up and running, but will be adding points north soon. http://conepatrol.com I will post some trip reports again soon. Just like the good old days.
  3. Trip: Kwohl Butte - Sleddy Goodness Date: 1/4/2009 Trip Report: In an effort to once again regain the TR throne, here is Y.A.K.B.T.R. (Yet Another Kwohl Butte Trip Report). ---------------------- This new years I resolve to shred the gnar... and yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of spending my first day in the backcountry of the 08-09 season with some good friends. It also allowed my little sled to get some much needed throttle-luv (at the very capable hands err thumb of mlag!). The temps were below zero as I followed the SCHRALPmobile up to Edison Snow Park. The rest of the shredheads were awaiting our arrival as I realized that a) I had no snopark pass and b) my sled tabs were expired. Breakin da law! IM SUCH A REBEL! In fine 2-stroke-served backcountry turns, we had some sled issues on the way in, but were able to get the whole crew out to Kwohl without any major issues. A quick skin up the north side yielded some tasty turns on wind buff on the face with light and fluffy freshiez down low on the face. mmmmmm, freshiez. The last lap of the day down the north side provided the best turns. I think we all agreed that we should have been lapping that aspect all day. But as schralp always puts it: "THE SUMMIT URGE IS JUST TOO STRONG". Flat light didn't allow for any killer shots, but here are some shots from the day: The Grey Bird mlag'z a sled goddess! listeing to the tales and wisdom of schralper
  4. Any specifics on what meta type info we should have on such a database? It seems that meta might be defendant on meta so to speak, like depending on the classification of the route/ski/ice different meta should be exposed/required. Someone want to do a brain dump on the various options?
  5. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/09/30/phoenix_martian_white_xmas/
  6. You just need to use your secret cc.com decoder ring to read those approach notez.
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    its been too long.
  8. WOOOOOOOOOOOOT! Sweet pics, but I was hoping to see some of you rollerblading too, wtf?
  9. And who said nothing good ever comes out of Spokane????
  10. @rbw yup BRMC @brobra you need to come out with us sometime. you should have seen the old bachy sled getting after it!
  11. Trip: Ball Butte - West Side Date: 3/2/2008 Trip Report: VjgCvwZmkNg ... and a good time was had by all. Gear Notes: 550 str8 ballin Approach Notes: SUPER SICK SLED NECK TURNS OMG!
  12. ask yourself this question: "Do I really want to be a 'O'?" You can make the right choice, and save the world from having another green/yellow-wearing ultra-annoying UofO grad. just my .02 Go Huskies.
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