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  1. There is a new ski dorm there now, the tall one with the "tunnel" that continues to the concessions employees dorm. The new ski dorm houses seasonal employees, mostly climbing rangers so they can stay somewhat acclimatized rather than staying at Longmire. I don't remember when it was built though, maybe 10 years ago? The old ski dorm is probably what you are talking about. It was on the down hill side of the big parking lot that was used for the old space ship shaped Jackson visitor center. Of course the parking lot is still there even though they moved the visitor center. The old ski dorm was really long, and did hold about 80 people. It was mostly seasonal employees in the 1980's with some permanent employees coming up from Longmire in the summer. I know, because I lived there a couple years. We bunked 4 to a room. It wasn't really crowded though, because most of the employees spent there whole life in the paradise bar. It was an old structure and probably did get rented out prior to the 70's or 80's. It was a shame they tore it down, it really should have been preserved.
  2. Q. Do I need a Discover Pass if I access state recreation lands by foot, horse, bicycle, boat, skateboard, etc.? A. No. The Discover Pass is a motor vehicle permit and is only required for street-legal motor vehicles to access state-managed recreation lands. It is not required for access using other forms of transportation, such as bicycles, boats, horses or on foot. However, if motor vehicles are used to transport or tow boats, bicycles, horses, etc., the motor vehicle must display the pass. Boaters will still need to pay any moorage and boat pumping fees. http://discoverpass.wa.gov/faq/
  3. word. stuff like that is happening everywhere. i was at albertsons yesterday and was leaving the store with a cart of food, when they told me i had to pay for it first at the checkstand.
  4. After what they break the window? Right. Read the posts, many years no fine. are you for real doood? all they have to do is run a registration check before writing the ticket. by radio. right here right now. wham, you don't match up, and impound on the way. probably use your illegal car for their own needs.
  5. mtn_mouse


    How can teagaging sara accuse the GOP of the fighting instinct of sheep, and yet coddle her followers for having the herd instinct of sheep?
  6. I drove down from Fairbanks to Seattle last October and traffic was really light down to Ft St John BC. Probably will be the same in March since that is still off season. The Milepost was helpful, but useless too sometimes. Many gas stations listed in the milepost were closed when we went down,. Never pass up a chance for fuel, and don't fill up at Laird hot springs, they have the highest price gas I have seen anywhere. They charged us about $10 per gallon! Also, I would not take the Cassiar off season because of reduced services. The Alcan is all paved, and in very good condition. However, don't drive after dark, too many crazy animals out there. Moose, buffalo, caribou, deer, elk, you name it. Moose like to charge across without looking, and they are dark. Wildlife department needs to put reflectors on them.
  7. The Gasherbrum-Broad Peak group seen from high on K2 to the north. (A) Gasherbrum I (B) Gasherbrum II © Gasherbrum III (D) Gasherbrum IV (E) Broad Peak Central (F) Broad Peak Central Foresummit (G) Broad Peak Main. The normal route on Broad Peak and the one attempted to ca. 250m from the summit this winter by Qudrat Ali, Shaheen Beg and Simone Moro, climbs the long snow slopes to the right, heading up to the gap between the Central and Main summits. [Photo] K2 Shared Summits Expedition
  8. Broad peak is inbetween. and by the way, Hidden peak is also called GI
  9. While hiking (tramping!) the southern alps of new zealand, we stayed in huts all along the way. At the time, staying in huts was required, and camping along dispersed campsites was not allowed or at least discouraged. The impact on the land was less this way and I wish we encouraged it here too.
  10. exactly. this is sounding like a nw hikers web site. or a miss manners web site. get real. listen to the rat.
  11. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS SPOKANE, Wash. -- A man who waved a meat cleaver out his car window and threatened to kill Sen. Patty Murray when she was in Spokane last month has been charged with threatening a federal officer. KREM-TV and KHQ-TV report 50-year-old John Sieler is schedule to appear in federal court Monday for a bail hearing. Police say Sieler twice drove by a rally outside the TV studio where Murray was holding a campaign debate and yelled profanities and threats at her supporters. Police arrested him on his third pass and seized the meat cleaver and several knives.
  12. One of my favorites too. I did it in October once, and the huckleberries really slowed us down!
  13. steve (tg) you used to be a super-regular 'roudn here and a great patron of the cc.com spray-o-verse - how is ole'boy? No, steve's avatar was 'terminal gravity'. that's not me, although I can see sacajawea and the matterhorn from my house, i do consider that area my backyard.
  14. Since you're going through enterprise, why not knock off sacajawea as a day climb? Go just south out of town to hurricane creek, hike up maybe a mile or less, turn left cross the creek and hike the way trail into thorp creek basin. Then scramble up the east ridge. When you return, go to Terminal Gravity for dinner.
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