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  1. "Mista Kurtz, he dead."
  2. Holy fuck, that is awesome. Even more so that you did it solo. So many impressive local lines that people always overlook in the search for sickness.
  3. Million $ House: Seattle vs VanBC

    It'll be wicked if rates go up and people start defaulting WHILE the flow of millionaires using Vancouver as a land bank continues unabated. That'll be pretty.
  4. Million $ House: Seattle vs VanBC

    Fuck I'm confusing my Hollywood movies. so buddy #1 moved to Dubai last week to save $. Buddy #2 moving back in with mom and pop to save $. Both have spousal combined income over 100k. Buddy #3 managed to leverage his way into a million dollar teardown this year. Assessed value of dwelling on property taxes was $35,000.
  5. Answer: 50:1 Question: How many times one leaves the house to go ice climbing but does not actually climb ice, versus how many times one leaves the house to go skiing but does not actually ski.
  6. Oh well, at least we got some almond roca.
  7. This thing is awesome. Got caught in a snowstorm last year and was blown away by how well it held up. And it's got stretch in the fabric, which I don't think the ArcT or the Patagonia has.
  8. Who did what this weekend?

    Congrats! I've got two little girls now. Weekend was making pancakes and going to babies r us. Wouldn't trade it! Nicely done, Todd!
  9. Who did what this weekend?

    Had a kid this weekend. Okay, my wife did. Pretty cool to be looking out over the freshiez covered hills as you contemplate what the hell you just got yourself into
  10. soft shell recs?

    Don't think Epsilon has any stretch though. Last time I tried one on I felt like I was in a straightjacket. The MEC powershield jackets have always treated me well. I have an old version with welded seams that must have over 200 days on it and I'm dreading the day it finally gives out.
  11. My Book is FINALLY Published, Yay!

    Wow, a Doctorb and now a writter!! Mike, be sure to get MEC to stock it -- or maybe you already have.
  12. Single Malt Scotch

    You fool. That stuff is only supposed to be consumed out of a small plastic nalgene at the side of the Duffey.
  13. "A nice line on good rock that unfortunately ends in a ditch."
  14. How many of you have tattoo's?

  15. How many of you have tattoo's?

  16. Tres rad. Too bad the hourglass wasn't more filled in. There's some good potential for taking the grand tour on that face - nicely done.
  17. GOP to waterboard Cheney

    Heard this guy on cbc last night. He made no bones about saying that US policy on terror has only made the problem worse, has recruited more terrorists, and has taken more American lives as a result. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=97818033
  18. Canada Health care killed Richardson

    Wicked logic. Guess it didn't having anything to do with a rapidly aging population?
  19. There is no official name, hence the issue.
  20. Ok, this is interesting. "The Bivouac Backcountry Series is a result of a joint venture between Clark Geomatics and Bivouac.com, an online guidebook with trail and route descriptions for mountaineering, hiking, climbing, kayaking and mountain biking." At http://www.bivouac.com/MtnPg.asp?MtnId=7476 "Trick" Peak is "Named according to the Delusion/Deception theme of the area", and is classified as a "standing name" which apparently means either a long standing, local, non-offical name, or a bogus thematic name that appears when Robin T. has a few glasses of peach schnapps and plays national geographer with the topo maps. Appears bogus names have now made it onto maps. Alas, you have been TRICKED! Bush league!!
  21. Is "Trick" the same thing as "Delusion"? Me no find no reference to Trick nowheres. I assume everyone paid their BC Natural Resource Usage Fees?