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  1. Proud of you guys! I bet that night on the summit is one you will never forget.
  2. Today I received an email that contradicted the above re redaction. Whatev. Here is what she emailed me today: Okay Im done.
  3. It's a RCW issue. So it really can't ever "OK with the cops". Do what you will with this information but I just called WA State Dept of Licensing. She said redacting the address on your registration would be altering an official document and thus a violation. The only remedy she offered was if we had a PO Box we could get the registration changed to that.
  4. The Bushwhacker Climbing Club has opened application for its 2014 Basic Glacier Climbing Course. Applications will be accepted until February 28. Learn more at Bushwhacker Climbing Club
  5. Great! Doin' the dad thing mostly but I'll get out a some this year. I plan on getting lost. My compass has a setting, Over Yonder, which has always worked in the past, so I'm not too worried about it.
  6. Greetings! The Bushwhacker Climbing Club is opening registration for its Backcountry Scramble Course. We'll cover ice axe-y, map and compass-sy, rocky-scrambly skills. The destination will be remote but not too droppy-offy. Our club is all about making friends and spending time together in the mountains. If this sounds good to you or your S.O. then sign up today. Doxey
  7. There are only a few spots left! It's a great course, and I make great pancakes. Hope you can join! Doxey
  8. The Bushwhacker Climbing Club is proud to sponsor a Wilderness Advanced First Aid course in Carnation, WA, Thursday through Sunday, April 29 - May 2. Cost is $395. Wilderness first aid is a crucial skill set for anyone that hikes, backpacks or climbs in the mountains. Plus there is a lot of cross over education that is useful in a city setting. Also you should know that its a very fun time with quality people. Good stuff! The WAFA curriculum was developed by Wilderness Medical Associates and is taught around the country by certified instructors. This four-day intensive course combines classroom and homework with lots of hands-on scenarios. The instructor we hired is top notch, and has taught this course all around the world. The included books and workbooks are thoroughly researched and easy to use. The club is providing lunch each day. On Friday I will personally drive to Carnation with my kid Elliott to provide a pancake breakfast for the students. :winksmile: And that, my friends, is why I am president of the club. Well ... that plus no-one else wants to do it. Membership in the club is not required. Participants must be at least 16 years old. Bushwhacker WAFA course, April 29 - May 2. Enjoy!
  9. I noticed that the survey has checkboxes for such activities as paintball, but no box for climbing.
  10. I've had a few takers, and thats cool. I will be out there tomorrow so not on a computer. If you want details, be sure to PM me today or tonight.
  11. Hello. I am looking for a ride to Icicle Canyon this Friday morning. I live in Phinney/Greenwood area, but I can come to you for a ride. I think I have Friday free for climbing too. Have rope and rack, and I can lead mid-fifth and/or set up topropes. I think I have partners for climbing Saturday, and I have a ride back on Sunday.
  12. If you are climbing and camping in the Icicle this weekend, our club has a group site reserved and as it turns out attendance will be very low. That's the way it goes. So, there will be some space at the campground, hate to waste it. PM me for info. Doxey
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