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  1. MSR Superfly Stove, used only a couple of times - $35.00 +shipping Thermarest 72" Prolite 3 with bag. No holes or patches - $35.00 + shipping Outdoor Research waterproof overmitts, no damage or wear - $25.00 + shipping Size Large old-school North Face down jacket (no hood), 2.5 lbs. No stains, tears or patches - great shape! If you need a very warm jacket, this may be the ticket. An oil-hauler in North Dakota or a Ski Lift Operator would appreciate the R value of this mega-puffy - $40.00 + shipping. w o l f e b o x at gmail dot com
  2. Weekend Going-On's?

    So what didja do this nice weekend?
  3. Secret Avatar FU!

    Kiss it, Fooz! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!
  4. Georgia

    Russia is getting it's teeth back.

    Pirate Horse Wins Race!
  6. Yosemite Face-Lift 9/26-9/31

    The number is Ken Yager's estimate of participants. This is the single largest clean-up of a climbing area in the nation! 2000 Climbers Clean Up the Park! There is sushi, a barbecue, free camping and plenty of opportunity to rub elbows with some legends! Hope to see you there! E
  7. What do you ride?

    iz-WuLQz_ns :[]
  8. What do you ride?

  9. You've got your bird!

    Psycho-dogs, herd til they are 12 then they are too old to be a pain in the ass. Then they get nice
  10. Send your best wishes to Porter

    Get well soon, Buddy!
  11. You suck

    Suck the fur off a
  12. What do you ride?

    My buudy Brian had a checkered flag in TM that he would flag the loud bikers and speeders with, like they had one lap to go!
  13. Casting Call

    I really didn't need to say anything. Idiocy shines it's own light.
  14. Casting Call

    LAUGH IT UP, SOFT-HANDS BOY. My profession is recession-proof.
  15. Casting Call

    You being derogatory towards my people DOES NOT HELP AT ALL, BITCH!
  16. Looking for climbers for documentary

    and end with "fest"?
  17. Looking for climbers for documentary

    I would have no part of any film that would allow me as a performer. unless a reticent acerbic dirtbag is what you want, and I control editing. Thanks for your consideration. I agree, Wayne or Colin.
  18. Casting Call

    Hey, John! Here's your quote: I am modern day blue collar. I am a cube farmer. I am a PowerPoint pusher. Whatever you may be you are not blue collar. Did I mention "modern" blue collar is a crap nomer for yourself? That's right, I did Nice Try Lay some concrete and do some framing for a week and get back to me
  19. What do you ride?

    Nice, Foraker. Much less obtrusive option with shock factor to boot. Man I hate those pipes in Yos.
  20. You suck

  21. Question for the engineers.

    John F: Don't kid yourself that you are "blue collar". That is bullshit, coming from a tradesman of 20 years. Nice try though: "modern" blue collar.
  22. Attention MTV!

    Some of them look decidedly un-Israeli
  23. What do you ride?

    Hey, Porter. Where's that pic of the Big Balla's sweet ride? I used to ride a "snortin" Norton 750 Commando, but I always wanted one of these: Nowadays, I think the new Guzzi 800 is the shiz.
  24. One expensive hammer

    Ticket to Led Zep Reunion: $253.56 Airline ticket to London: $1238.00 Hotel Room: $200 Seeing a bunch of legendary, swaggering old rockers: priceless
  25. Leave Brittney ALONE!

    Maybe it's time to change that scrip to a different med?