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  1. Nice trip and that's a great area. By going to Vernal, did you skip Elysian Fields?
  2. In like-new condition, I've only used it on ~15 dayhikes. It is a size small-medium (26"-40" chest). Stats on RunningWarehouse ($150 retail). Stats on Ultimate Direction ($159 retail) $80 firm.
  3. [TR] Middle Gunsight Peak - SW face 6/26/2016

    Carl and Ben, We met on the boat ride up. Great to see your TR! Some pics from our trip: Chelan-Sawtooth Traverse Cheers, Luke
  4. SOLD: CiloGear WorkSack

    CiloGear WorkSack seeks loving partner: long walks in the alpine a must, summits and late '90s rap music desired. $100 - pack is in excellent, like-new shape. Check the link above for all the nitty gritty details; main pack features: -Size M/L (fits me on the large end, lots of room on the straps; I'm 5'9" 152lb, 30" waist, 36" chest) -Removable plastic framesheet and foam pad -Built-in crampon pouch (protective plastic on pouch interior) -Interior zippered pocket on outer side as well as separate hydration sleeve -Extendable collar with two cinches (believe this goes from 30L cinched down to 60L extended) -Removable lid (top and bottom pockets) -Removable belt and sternum strap -Many straps for configuring as you wish PM, please
  5. Indian Creek last week of February...

    What, no bouldering? tee-hee
  6. Luke?

    Sup boys. Things are still going well here in MGL; for the last 6 months I've been doing corporate communications work for Ivanhoe Mines. The kid is doing well, running all over the place and starting to get pretty close to saying words. http://photos-c.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sf2p/v132/226/49/25901538/n25901538_32621310_380.jpg http://photos-b.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sf2p/v132/226/49/25901538/n25901538_32621313_1160.jpg Just got back from a week in the US leading a delegation of Mongolian media (6 tv stations, 4 newspapers) on a mine study tour of Kennecott Utah Copper in Salt Lake City. I secretly lusted after going bouldering at Little Cottonwood, Ibex and Joe's Valley, but alas it was not in the cards. Etc.
  7. Black Forest?

    Where the fuck are you going Kix!?
  8. That's right you wankers. I'm coming home with the wife and our daughter for two weeks of NW rain and general holiday family time, seeing as it has been two years since I left. We are having a small baby shower/welcome to the USA party at my family's house on the south side of Greenlake. Anyway, thought a couple of you folks might be interested, and there are a few of you I wouldn't mind sharing a few laughs with. Plus we'll provide food and some beer/wine whatever. Anyone ever thinking about coming to Mongolia could also abuse us as a resource. Wednesday December 20, 5-8pm. PM or email me on gmail for directions: bataa32 5738 Ashworth Ave N
  9. Coming Home: Baby Shower/Party 12-20

    bumpity bump bump Tonight, south side of G-lake. Free food and drink. Cheers, Luke
  10. Coming Home: Baby Shower/Party 12-20

    haha, true that! No doubt there are tough moments, but generally Amarlin sleeps through the night and has never been a crying baby. Everything else has been going great as well, she loves to play. I give credit to her super mix of genes: 1/4, Uriankhai Mongol, 1/4 Khalkh Mongol, 1/8 Italian, 1/8 Sweedish, 1/8 German and then Irish and English.
  11. Coming Home: Baby Shower/Party 12-20

    Maybe Ramutas could glue some cloth to a slab of Stealth. ; ) Even though she is only 4.5 months old she has a mean grip. Try and find really small "captains of crush" as well...
  12. Rocks

    steep wall in the background? PS I miss the old cc.com...
  13. The Official Smiffy Rox Tuft Luv......

    don't forget the 4th/5th B, bi-sexual babes
  14. The Official Smiffy Rox Tuft Luv......

    another year of pulling down on mud with the 3B's (bonfires, bears, bongs)? Sounds like a good time, you crazy kids have fun!
  15. Baby Girl Distelhorst

    We had a baby girl tonight, 8:55pm Ulaanbaatar time, 3.9kg So far her and mom are doing well. Should be back at home in about 36hours on Monday.
  16. Baby Girl Distelhorst

    Thanks guys! She is doing well so far, not crying too much, nice yellow poop and loves to look around and interact.
  17. Baby Girl Distelhorst

    Well, just home from the hospital yesterday. We are going to try and come home for Christmas and New Years, so here's hoping! Both are doing fine, I have much better pics now and will try to post one or two tonight when I get home.
  18. Baby Girl Distelhorst

    She has a first named, but we haven't finalized the middle name yet (down to two) Her first name is Amarlin, emphasis on the first "a", it means peaceful. It is an old name, my wife and I have never met anyone with it before.
  19. There's no place like home!

    Yeah, I miss the PNW as well.....we are going to try and come home for christmas and new years though.... have fun at home Tim!
  20. Mount Baker highway crags

    uuhhh, mile marker 45 or something.... mtnfreak knows. Some are good, some are ok. You can do some longer ones if you link them up, can get pretty tough. That warm up is like .10+ or something? dyno at the end. weird dihedral is cool. Shorty is really powerful....
  21. Kurt E. Fickeisen Trust Fund

    Fickeisen!? and here I thought Distelhorst was odd....
  22. Kurt injured?

    Get better soon Kurt. I remember the first all ages PC I went to where the first thing Kurt did was get me a beer. Quick and healthy recovery wishes from MGL.
  23. Pics from this week

    word, just letting you know that I'm still kicking From this week in Omnogovi province: http://mongolia.neweurasia.net/?p=268
  24. Pics from this week

  25. Pics from this week

    yeah bearded vulture/Lammergeier. I was really happy because I had never seen one before and that afternoon I saw two adults and one juv. still in the nest. No news on it this year yet. Migratory birds are increasing here though and I believe WCS people will be back to do more tests. Political climate is pretty shitty, just read my site. Mama is big, only 3.5/4 more weeks. We had another sonogram today and the doc said 100% a girl, so here's hoping!