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  1. Health Care

    I just dropped in to congratulate you guys on finally breaking free of the tyranny of corporate health care!! Way to go. This should really go a long way to boosting your country's self esteem from a world wide perspective. YES YOU CAN!!! Now all you have to do is round up all those doddering olds southern fucks in the flat earth party and put em up against a wall!! Welcome to the 1960's. KKK now you can go get your teeth fixed....
  2. 9.5% Unemployment. Well Done, Obama.

    same shit different century
  3. [TR] Rainier - Gibraltar Ledges 4/5/2009

    Thanks, nice pics
  4. Captain escaped- Navy Seals shot pirates

    unarmed exfishermen youths overpowered by international armada of navies. WOW. Get the whole story
  5. First Dude Speaks

  6. Slumdog Millionaire - Director's Cut

    That micheal jackson is such an irritating fuck
  7. Imagine what Bush must be thinking about now...

    Are you guys still choking this one to death? You have just lanced a festering boil from you collective asses. The world is now starting to take your country somewhat seriously again. You have to take little steps when recovering from a brain injury. You have the right man for the job. Bush is probably thinking that he can get back to his remedial reading classes that he got intrupted from on the morning of 9/11. That is all
  8. Weather report for Red Rocks.

  9. Western trees dying at an unprecidented rate

    That is watercress dummy
  10. Want dumber kids? Move to Texas.

    Nowadays its spelled "North Mexico" if that's the case then the percapita IQ should be going up, and body mass index should be going down. No more chicken fried steak just beans and rice.
  11. Boys From Brazil

    Good movie..I went to see it at the drive in with my Doberman, he loved it too.
  12. Western trees dying at an unprecidented rate

    You should see the interior of BC. There has been a lack of sustained cold weather in the winters.
  13. Obama actually did it

    I wonder, if Rove and Cheney etc. had not run the country into such desperate times whether or not Obama would have been able to get elected. Even though I think he has exactly what the USA needs.
  14. Obama actually did it

    I personally want to thank you for not fucking up this time around. Can you remember when that deranged old guy and the floozy wanted to run the country? Can you imagine what the world would be thinking of you guys? This is certainly a sunrise over the last near decade of darkness and evil. Righteousness reigns over wrong, finally. Even with the dire mess in which these bandits have left things, people everywhere seem to have a much greater feeling of hope. What an orator, what refreshing ideas. I am sure that half of the good feeling is directly related to the fact that the religious right and neoconservatives have shown there ideals to be false, fruitless and evil, and we have seen that last of them.
  15. The Jewish problem

    Looks to me like the Jewish people are working on a final solution.