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Climbers stuck on Glacier


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Originally posted by 666:

I dont know what's so damn hard about WALK THE FUCK OFF THE MOUNTAIN when someone is capable of walking up to the summit and bivying next to you
[Roll Eyes]

Wow, that's embarassingly naive... [Eek!]


It's fairly simple. The guys who walked up to the summit to bivi knew what they were getting into and took the gear for it - full Goretex body armor and all that (heavy) stuff.


On the other hand, Lammy and the harem (heehee, that just sounds too funny to let it be [big Grin] ) were going light - which generally means run like hell when the weather shows up. Too bad they were asleep when the shit hit.


Makes you rethink the going light bit when headed off for multiday trips - or at least it should [Wazzup]


[ 08-04-2002, 11:40 AM: Message edited by: fleblebleb ]

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Lambone has said, "I am ashamed and embarrassed" and humbled himself further by calling himself "poser." Lighten up on the guy a little. Does 666 want us to tar and feather him at the UW climbing wall? Lambone made mistakes and had the courage to enter this public forum in the hopes that he might contribute to the safety of others in the future. For that he is to be commended. As for costs, if this country needs to charge people then it should charge OJ for the gas/time of fourty police cars chasing him around LA because he didn't know what flashing red lights mean. Or maybe charge the execs for the free submarine rides in Hawaii where you have the thrill of emergency surfacing manuevers. Priorities are whacked when overnight $500,000 dollars can be found to rescue a whale from the perils of ferries but Lambone and friends have to shiver and die because of their illpreparedness. What makes us human is that we are willing to help each other. Even, yes even when the other person has made a mistake.


[ 08-04-2002, 06:59 PM: Message edited by: Mike Collins ]

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This is RURP:


"pope" he says:

"Three nights on a big mountain and a boy becomes a man...Did you try the line where you suggest that you'd like to be the lunch meat in an alpine sandwich?"


Here, Mrs. Rabinowitz demonstrates the proper technique. Take note for your next "unintended" bivouac.




RURP has spoken.


[ 08-05-2002, 04:29 PM: Message edited by: RURP ]

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Lamika! This is your mother! Shame on you in that tent with those girls! And did you even try to call me??? No, you talked to those 911 people instead! And all of that cold! Did you even think of taking that lovely sweater I gave you for your birthday??? I hope you thanked those nice men who came looking for you! I told you that all of that business with snow and ropes and that horrible tent looked dangerous! Did you listen to me? No, but you sure listened to those girls when they wanted to go camping and make phone calls and all of that! And that sleeping bag of yours......uhhhhhhh! We had to leave the garage door open all week!!!! When are you going to get a real job instead of doing whatever you do in that gym? Isn't Boeing hiring more people? Talk to your Uncle Maury...by the way, he called me this morning and the first thing he said was, "Shame on that boy in that tent with those girls!" Don't be late for dinner!


- Mama


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