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  1. best of cc.com The Nodder?

    sure is nodddddddder
  2. Best of the Banned

    to absent friends rest in pieces STFU loser!
  3. I heard about the Canook ice being in and all that and how it was like the second coming of the ice age or something with wooly mammoths and shit. Dru was looking for a partner to climb Bridal Falls near Chiliwack tonight after all his regular partners turned himdown or had to wash their hair. So after he promised to if I showed up to rope gun I told him I'd be there. I brought a case of PBR up with me and had a few road pops between Sumas and Chiliwack. Full moon was shining as we drove out to Bridal Falls which is basically a gas station motel trailer park and waterslide kinda Canook town. Dru was in full Dru mode going off about mars landings and giant squid and which hand to use for which hold on the crux of a route he's never done on a peak in Shmuckistan. We drove up some dirt road in a Canook state park to the ice and hiked up to the base of this Bridal Falls which was spewing chunks and wet. Had a big argument about if it was safe to climb which ended with Dru wimping out and going back to sleep in the car. I climbed this falls which was a couple of pitches mostly Grade II with a little step of III. The ice was slurpee and had lots of running water, mushrooms, and slush but was one hit hero stuff. There were chunks falling off a hollow shield in the middle of lower falls so i climbed on left to halfway terrace then on right to top. Right at the top there was a half-formed up grade IV wall that I avoided by climbing out a frozen log off the falls into a tree at the side of the route and on into the forest. I didnt know how find a trail down and Dru took the guidebook with him so i just walked up the creek 15 minutes to some logging road and followed it back to Bridle Falls. Nice walk in the moonlight with bobcat tracks all over I think they were courtin or something because it looked like there was a spot where the tracks met up and Dru was shivering his ass of in the car so i slapped him awake and we came back here for The thing is so wet I betcha it falls down by Wednesday.
  4. Trad Climbers Land The Babes!

    fuk off dru you will never own me. loser
  5. Avatars

    The person who is supposed to understand this will
  6. What's up with this shite?

    Probably hairy fast finger
  7. What's up with this shite?

    Mr glassgowkiss your resorting to elitism have rendered large amounts of your argument to garbage in some eyes. Although I think we agree on some points. Maybe Pope and yourself should both get on similarly rated rock routes within arm swinging distance and start slugging it out at mid height? I promise to bring my video recorder for the entertainment. Still though- You do make some good points where I am able to wade through the anger and decipher. Keep it up. 666
  8. What's up with this shite?

    I can understand your reasoning ehmmic. Instead of mocking what some might call ignorant I invite you to keep reading. There is some truthful intent behind your comment obviously. I am not "bouldering" these "routes" and I could care less to go there. But if I was to visit the area I am sure that my opinion would be confirmed. My opinion which I have not stated yet... Back to my point- Which was my first one liner that created a little more discussion along Paco's initial lines even though he may not have been aware of the reasoning behind the anchor placement from the start. Which I believe he did not... It's a funny way how these flame wars rage on sometimes. Questions for Pope- Have you enjoyed reading about Sean Easton and Ueli Steck's route on the East Face of Mt Dickey called Alpine Poetry? A nice piece of work IMHO. Another new route if you will was put up by Willl Gadd, Kevin Mahoney, and Scott Semple's route Howse of Cards for instance had certainly raised standards in NA. It did not read any rap bolting for that one. What do you have to say about that route?
  9. What's up with this shite?

    mattp- as you might have noticed standards in rock climbing are rising and the biggets jump took place with development of sport climbing. it's the same with mixed. you need guns and technique so you can be fast and strong in the mountains. First I am not mattp. But this is spray internet right? Well the rock climbing "standards" have been on the rise for the last century or more. This also includes ice. Also there is this guy that is credited but not admitting to the advance of what a real historian might call modern mixed climbing in America. Although I am sure he has placed a number of bolts in his life I don't believe he is quite so adventurous as to bolt 30 foot faces on a toprope. Given that Jeff Lowe is from Colorado where the mountains and terrain are very different from the Cascades one can easily dispute the reasoning. Also note that the ice in the cascades is not quite as common near the road or seemingly as abundant as many other areas of Colorado or even Canada's grand Rockies. After establishing a few of those points I can also notice that there are rock climbers out there today and this week climbing at very high levels here in Washington. Maybe they are not marking 5.15a but it is not exactly sunny here in Washington for 250 to 300 days a year as it is in many other parts of our country. This might be factor as well.. To put it all together I think that portions of glassgowkiss' arguments are debatable and that he is overlooking some items. I am not the bolt police and I personally don't care about this area and the bolts. There is a hint of elitism in the air that if you can climb rock well that gives you a license to put anchors anywhere. Indeed there is wisdom sometimes behind the intent and insertion of anchors in the hills that are usefull and worthy. But while I read the comments here it only hints that good climbers should or are allowed to be placing these anchors. There is obviously no access issue here and as mattp has pointed out, we are definitely not disturbing much in the way of the aesthetic Snoqualmie Alps. Satan has spoken
  10. What's up with this shite?

    Mr. Perkins, I can definitely agree with most of your comments. Especially the classic of the Snoqualmie Alps remark My one liner was intended to spark thought about the whole concept. Let's keep it going. Yours truly, Senior Satan
  11. What's up with this shite?

    Do we really need "routes" like this?
  12. chatter?

    cum on feel the noise
  13. Hypothetical Question

    Lets say you met this hot woman and started seeing her pretty regularly. Then you found out she had leprosy. Would you dump her?
  14. when r they going to let us shoot naked women in the parks with paintball guns
  15. Yo AssMunchKiss

    Listen pud. U wussed out one some good aid climbing last time. I bet the gunks was all hip and cool lycra infested fun. Puke yuck! Jump up to the plate next time. I heard you're getting fatter with that 30 hours a week engineering doo. At that pace maybe you'll be doing some A3 before you know it. Ooh of trade some of your vacation time for a lyposuction bonus How are the mini midgets?