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  1. Bradford Washburn RIP - End of an Era

    Brad Washburn offers a fascinating vignette into understanding the Amelia Earhart saga. In his book, On High, Washburn writes about a conversation he had with Amelia and her publisher-husband, G.B. Putnam. Washburn implored Amelia to set up a radio beacon on Howland Island in the south Pacific. Quoting from the book, "I said, 'Amelia, you absolutely have got to have a radio on that island, or you're never going to hit it.' I'll never forget that moment. Putnam was sitting there, we were on the floor, and she turned her face up to him and said,'What do you think about this?'And he said: 'Well, if we wait to set up a radio transmitter, the book won't be ready for Christmas.'" The rest of course is history and the her disappearance remains a 20th Century enigma. The intrepid spirit of Earhart certainly was shared with Washburn. His death closes the living memory of that chapter of history.
  2. [TR] Mt. Sefrit-Attempt- Northeast Face 10/29/2005

    John Scurlock has devoted considerable time and resources toward photographing the North Cascade peaks in winter. He has directly assisted several contributors to this website by flying them over sites for recon of climbs. We owe him the courtesy of giving him credit for photos borrowed from his on-line photo gallery. The avalanche on Sefrit is one of his encaptivating photos.
  3. [TR] Mt. Sefrit-Attempt- Northeast Face 10/29/2005

    Poncho's photo shows the NW Glacier which is another route to the top. I like Recycled's idea of choosing a heavy snowfall year for a spring climb. Fording Ruth Creek was the crux manuever of the climb for us. We only forded the creek on the route out as we took a different route in for the upclimb. After hiking up and down the creek for 1 1/2 hrs we found the least life-threatening zone (distinctive from a "safe" area)and were successful.
  4. [TR] Mt. Sefrit-Attempt- Northeast Face 10/29/2005

    I climbed Sefrit on 5/29/05 from Ruth Mtn and would recommend a spring date for an attempt from a Ruth Creek jumpoff. Later on the snowfield becomes steep slab which is difficult for footholds. The line up from the N Fk Nooksack might offer late season potential. Near the summit are two short sections of Class 4 rock.
  5. Cellular Phone Service

    Cletus. You will never be bothered if I use the cell phone because you are no where near the mountain I am on. Garfield was done as a winter climb on January 2. On Big Four I was the only party to summit that year. Chaval had been summited only 7 times in 12 years. Rainier was dayclimbed and I was the last up for the day. So I sure hope it is OK with you if I talk to my wife while you are still in bed or double-clicking on the mouse for cc.com.
  6. Cellular Phone Service

    Hey Cletus, you ARE preaching. In fact you are pontificating. Don't use a phone if you don't want to. My wife likes to hear from me. Maybe someday you will have a person who likes to hear from you. You can always hope. [ 09-16-2002, 07:30 PM: Message edited by: Mike Collins ]
  7. Cellular Phone Service

    I have had much better experience with Verizon when on summits than with my current service with Qwest. Called home clearly from Chaval, Garfield, Big Four, Rainier, and others. Some of the older phones are more powerful with 3 watts of power rather than the smaller ones out now. [ 09-16-2002, 04:39 PM: Message edited by: Mike Collins ]
  8. Roll the Credits...

    Hi, I'm not really Mike but I'll play him for a minute, since he couldn't be bothered by logging off, HAHA! Nobody cares MFer! We all know you'll be back to add to your worthless list of avatars once you've been away long enough..... You cann't help your self Your Weak and You'll be back Not that anyone will notice Thanks for taking up less band width! uh, Mike? Yeah, yeah thats me (Doin' me a big favor now and logging off, before I really say some shit)
  9. Sinister, N. Face ice?

    Do you specifically want to climb Sinister the hard way? Stefan lead a group of which I was a member up Sinister in July. There is a writeup in WTA.com for both Sinister and Dome. There is essentially a walkup route from the south.
  10. Oldest summit register

    A few years ago there was a problem in Colorado with some "purist" taking the summit registers because it didn't agree with his/her picture of what climbing should be about. For years there was a brass one on top of Red Mtn (Snoq Pass). A friend who recently summited it said the register is gone.
  11. Oldest summit register

    The oldest one I have heard of in the Cascades is from 1900 on North Star. It is very fragile and the climber who summitted the peak didn't open up the fragile papers of the original party.
  12. Climbers stuck on Glacier

    Some of you guys think about sex so much the cascadeclimbers ten essentials should be a six-pack and four condoms. Think CLIMBING.
  13. Climbers stuck on Glacier

    Lambone has said, "I am ashamed and embarrassed" and humbled himself further by calling himself "poser." Lighten up on the guy a little. Does 666 want us to tar and feather him at the UW climbing wall? Lambone made mistakes and had the courage to enter this public forum in the hopes that he might contribute to the safety of others in the future. For that he is to be commended. As for costs, if this country needs to charge people then it should charge OJ for the gas/time of fourty police cars chasing him around LA because he didn't know what flashing red lights mean. Or maybe charge the execs for the free submarine rides in Hawaii where you have the thrill of emergency surfacing manuevers. Priorities are whacked when overnight $500,000 dollars can be found to rescue a whale from the perils of ferries but Lambone and friends have to shiver and die because of their illpreparedness. What makes us human is that we are willing to help each other. Even, yes even when the other person has made a mistake. [ 08-04-2002, 06:59 PM: Message edited by: Mike Collins ]

    When did they change the route? I thought Cannonball started at the Mt. Baker tunnel and then jumped onto I-90 at Issaquah. The S-2-S going over Stevens Pass adds 1,000' of gain and about 20 more miles onto the Cannonball.
  15. Climbers stuck on Glacier

    "Helicopters and horses" ??? It must have been a bad cell phone connection. They were probably asking for horsecock. It won't ever be fresher.