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  1. An old mountaineer and math teacher, Mr. Moe, advised our high school's hiking club. He taught us how to kick steps and use an ice axe.....but I was just a kid with no money and no idea of how to get started (I worked on a bean farm near Othello in 1984 and came home with $80, hopped on a bus to Seattle and bought a pair of Boreal Fire rock shoes from the Swallow's Nest). No money, no transportation....but I did have a library card. The Beckey guides and Challenge of the North Cascades were never on the library shelf because I checked them out for weeks, months probably. Those B&W photos of Mt. Stuart and Chimney Rock were my cocaine. Freedom of the Hills was my Bible. In 1985 I enrolled in the Mountaineer's basic climbing class. I missed Prom because of a mandatory snow-cave field trip, and I learned some basics that would round out my climbing skill set (like the hip belay, with which I stopped my friend Mike after falling 150 feet on Guye Peak). I finally knew just enough to give Mt. Stuart a shot. I was never very interested in history, but when Beckey taught a Cascade History class in the early 1990's, my girlfriend and I attended night school at GRCC. For weeks he lectured about miners, trappers, railroads and military expeditions, never looking at his notes. During the last ten minutes of the last lecture, he summarized the conquest of the 3 or 4 highest peaks, not once mentioning his own achievements. Fred Beckey was obsessed with climbing mountains, but his scholarly knowledge of the Cascades can't be overstated. He loved the Cascades, and I remember him liking my girlfriend.
  2. And when are you finally going to say something interesting? Boring people like you helped this website fade into oblivion. Sport climbers like you helped me decide climbing has evolved into something equivalent to table tennis. Go ahead, bolt the shite out of Castle Rock and have a blast wrecking it some more. Don't forget to vote green.
  3. Maybe I'm unclear on Canary's history. Yes, pitch 2 protects with one or more bolts which were drilled on the ascent. Drilling on the lead makes it a climb, any other kind of drilling makes for something not in the tradition of most climbs established at Castle Rock. That some old gear gets replaced doesn't bother me. And I don't see the relevance of mentioning Canary can be climbed w/o bolts. I'm sure somebody has down-climbed it without a rope. The point is, the first party to climb it, back when it was a pretty futuristic, bold route, placed a couple of bolts while in ascent mode. How can we be satisfied with a lower standard of adventure today than what was expected 40 or 50 years ago?
  4. "We had initially hoped it would go without bolts, and for the creative leader with the right rack, it could. We installed the bolts to encourage more traffic to try it." The last traditional crag in Leavenworth now features a bolted route which, in the opinion of the route's author, could be climbed without bolts. Apparently, creativity and the "right rack" are required. But because routes on Castle need more traffic..... Jeesh. Don't forget to vote green.
  5. Eight Camalots went out the door today. Plenty of nuts and TCU cams remain.
  6. First owner of all of this gear, only the #0 TCU has held a fall. Pick and choose what you want. Expect to pay 50% of retail price per item. Send PM. [img:left]http://i1291.photobucket.com/albums/b546/pope314/20161008_085309_zpsncripzuz.jpg[/img]
  7. Not sure about your question or concern....1 kN means one killer Newton. That means IceAxe Newton was a killer. He invented calculus, the parabolic telescope, lectured audiences numbering zero, figured out Pascal's Triangle back-ass-wards, spent 2/3 of his energy researching alchemy when such research was illegal, and failed in his quest to find the secret formula to the philosopher's stone.....all in one lifetime. Also he was a full professor at Trinity College but did not believe in the Trinity. Yeah, Newton was one killer dude. Still up for sale at an unwavering price of $30. Oh and you can't use the Wall Hauler as a stick clip or bouldering crash pad, for the majority (4 of 5) who still frequent this site.
  8. Makes hauling big loads easy...well, easier. As you can see, this one-directional pulley is like new. A new unit would cost you $65. I'm asking $30 firm. [img:left]http://i1291.photobucket.com/albums/b546/pope314/20160131_213432_resized_zps4v5v41uh.jpg[/img]
  9. All pitons sold. Pleasure doing business.
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