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Smith Classics


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Cosmos (10a)

Screaming Yellow Zonkers (10b)

Phoenix (10a)

BBQ The Pope (10b+)

Zebra Direct (11a)

Moonshine Dihedral (9)

Teddy Bear's Picnic (10a, I like first 3p)

Irreverence (10a)

Revelations (9)

Blue Light Special (11a)

Spiderman (5.7, 3p)


Many of the sport routes in the main gorge at Smith have the crux right off the ground. For this reason, many people bring a stick clip. Your call.


Last time I was at Smith I talked to a guy about a multi-pitch sport route 5.8/9 called "wherever I may roam" or something like that. Sounded cool. I'm going to look for it next weekend. Anyone know what I am talking about?

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go over asttisks pass and take a right. go to a big cave like feature and there are many bolts. start to the right of the cave like thingy....


its pretty fun.


do sky ridge instead....it is like 34760-823576283576894576457635765076 times better and you get to rap where ever i may roam!!



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frosty_the_tradman said:

Tuff sucks, gorge is good.

Cruel Sister 10a in the lower gorge, awesome handcrack.

If you must climb tuff-

Spiderman 5.7 3 pitch, good.

Pioneer route Monkey face 5.7+ easy aid.4-6 pitches.

Sunshine dihederal 5.9+.

sunshine 5.9+. buddy you are hard core. want to see your bulging eyes when you lead on sketchy RP's.

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