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    Bye bye

    hopefully you will be next!!! tho your other avatar should stay he isnt so negative and always attempting to stir up shit. Erik, what do you eat for breakfast? I don't stir shit up. That's j_b.
  2. Sphinx

    Bye bye

    Finally! Trask, you're addicted and you know it.
  3. Sphinx

    public relations

    'people of my ilk' would never have helped him get to power, or armed him because he was beating up on iran, or ignored his treatment of the kurds because the turks were/are doing the same, or provided him with chemicals and helicopters to use against ethnic minorities, or encouraged people to rebel against his rule then let them be butchered, or let him strengthen his grip on the country to imprecedented level via the embargo. and 'people of my ilk' would for sure not repeat the same doomed policies of supporting anti-democratic regimes over and over again all over the globe. it's easy to create/condone the problem in the first place, then say that we have again to move in to supposedly fix it. j_b in 2004!
  4. Iain, I am no more 'abrasive and annoying' than others here. You're right, I was thinking of the 555, not the 500. My bad. Either way, I said the 404 is ONE of the only bindings, not THE only binding, so my statement was correct. I tried to get mountain boots into the 555 and it was less than stellar.
  5. I don't want to be an asshole here, but there are plenty resources (inc. the manufacturer's websites) where you can find all the answers for less work. Start at www.skimountaineer.com Actually it is less work to post a question here And when I said "so what is the advantage of the 555 over Fritchi Diamir?" That is doing exactly what you suggested and finding specific bindings and asking about them. That is asking for an opinion. I doubt I would find that on the manufacturer's website. PS - of course you meant to be an asshole, that is your natural state, as evident in your second post when you *attempt* be belittle me with name calling. False. You asked general questions about five different bindings. The 555 is silveretta's answer to the Diamir, but the Diamir does everything the 555 does and better. The 404 is one of the only bindings compatible w/ mountain boots.
  6. Sphinx

    Provide Caption

    "Foreplay gone awry."
  7. Bob's like our own private MarkTwight of cc.com!
  8. hey goatblower- first of all i don't diss people when they put up new routes - unlike a lot of this crowd still debating on bolting issues. second, i just stated a simple fact that there aren't any hard routes by todays standards- rock or mixed, period. if you'd open last couple of issues of Alpinist you would see at what level people climb. last winter i did put up a new route- i didn't see you line up (or anybody else as the matter of fact) to repeat it. as the matter of fact a day before another party bailed from under the same face as i recall (quite competent climbers), so maybe you should shut up. plus i just spent 2 months in europe climbing (where btw i managed to send 7c+, how many have you done sucker??), so now i have to make some doe. werd I agree that there have been no advancements in climbing done in the PNW, for whatever reasons. But sport climbing does indeed provide training for extreme trad routes. Pope. You ever heard of The Honeymoon if Over, on the Diamond? 13c at close to 14k. Who did it? Oh, right, that 'sport monkey' Caldwell. How'd he get so strong? That's right, clipping bolts! It's the exact same progression that's happening in alpinism/mixed climbing. That new line on Howse Peak, it's bold, hard, and unrepeated. Who did it? Oh, right, the modern 'bolt junkies' Will Gadd and Co. So shut up. It's people like you who keep the level of climbing down by making some pathetic excuses. LAME! Glasgow, I agree with your sentiments, but don't argue on the basis of individual climbing abilities. Makes you look like an asshole, just because Goat doesn't climb 13s doesn't mean his opinion isn't legit.
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