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  1. squid

    Just saw this. Thanks for reaching out, NTM. I don't check CC much anymore, so my apologies to those who find me hard to contact. Other contact info is cgroom at gmail.
  2. First black president of the USA... not really

    Sobo, I think you should read up on the 'one drop rule.' Here is the wiki entry for the concept; here is succinct essay on the topic. I respect your opinion, and enjoy your posts, but your premise in this thread is dead wrong, and dangerously sweeps under the rug centuries of racism in America. If a man is black enough to have trouble getting a taxi after dark, if a man is black enough to have store security trail along behind him whlie he shops, if a man is black enough to get pulled over for DWB, then he's black enough to claim the title 'black.' Peace out, and congratulations on our great new president.
  3. Ryan Triplett Accident near Mazama

    This breaks my heart. Ryan was a good guy.

    Thanks Oly. This place feels pretty awesome. I'm gonna stretch my wings 'n' stuff in here- stretch the envelope too. Let me know if I get out of line.
  5. What?

    have another drink on me (the last one left me all sticky).
  6. The pocket strength of a daisy chain is about 2kN, and the length of a daisy is about 1.4 meters. If we assume a 1 meter static fall onto a short-clipped daisy, you'll generate about 8kN (I'll show my calculations if CBS insists). Your daisy will definitely blow at the bar-tack, and it will then continue blowing out bar-tacks until all of the force is dissapated. I think the concern about how you use a daisy is valid. Someone suggested tying an overhand in the end of your daisy and always clipping the end- sounds like good advice to me.
  7. Erden rows the Atlantic!

    mighty impressive stuff.
  8. notable ascent City Park sees new free ascent?

    This is the coolest thing I've heard all week.
  9. College Town Angst

    please pm with phone #'s.

    damnit. now i have to clean my keyboard
  11. Like father, like....

  12. Headhunters

    the distinction is often irrelevant
  13. Headhunters

    or my donuts! I'm calling Tim Horton's immediately!
  14. Best way to become a badass

    I've known some badasses, and the only common denominator was their sexual frustration. If you want to climb hard, don't get laid.
  15. Mountaineers

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm ready for some reconciliatoin and perhaps a big group hug until we're all feeling better. How does that sound?