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A Huge Ironic Thank You!!


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...to the douchebag who took a huge, messy dump at the top of the Iconoclast corner crack, and left his/her socks as toilet paper stuffed into the crack.


Next time you eat Mexican the night before, maybe take along a WAG bag with you on the climb...you idiot.

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I don't buy it. Feces can be temporarily absorbed back into the red blood cells of the lower intestines in times of extreme urgency in inconvenient locations.


Isn't that one of the X-Men's special powers?

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Not quite as bad as when Geoff and I are a pitch beyond a couple on Young Warriors and find a hot coiler right on route, topped not with a sock, but a belay-slayer rock the size of a shoe box. It would have been easy to at least veer off-route a few feet but I guess that was too much for the lovely lady that left it for us. It was a pretty uncomfortable belay when we caught up with them, me bitching about it the whole way up.

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Ironically, we ran into Cedar Wright on that route, as I recall.


I'm pretty sure Cedar did some major shit in Zion recently.


But I agree with ivan. On a day route shit happens. Multiday you have responsibilities. Sleeping with a poop tube on a multiday route like it is cute cute puppy is a rite of climbing life.

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