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  1. Still very active out there. Big slide on Hwy 2 yesterday shut down the highway. I'm ready for it to dry up and corn season to get started!
  2. Selling a brand new mint condition BD / Bibler I-Tent. This time-tested 4 season design is great for mountaineering in the Cascades and trips to the greater ranges. Comes with all accessories and still has original tags. Its never been used I've only set it up in my lawn a couple times.
  3. Pete_H

    Best metal bands

    Ha. Trick question. There are none!
  4. I once heard the route name was in reference to Quin's prototype design of a cone shaped helmet for deflecting rockfall. The route name apparently reflects the namers opinion on the efficacy of the helmet design.
  5. J Trees a great place for seeing famous climbers. I've met Bridwell and Alan Steck. And also Jim Beyer, who was into putting up A5 routes solo, like "Death of American Democracy," in the Fisher Towers. Good name.
  6. Don't come to 11worth it's been snowing every day since like November
  7. Good ol' box wine. Cheaper and easier to fill your nalgene with. Ivan, if you were to get sponsored it would be by Gallo and smokes indeed.
  8. Not sure I see what's wrong with selling out for a climbing sponsor. I wish I could get sponsored by a winery. Preferably something in France.
  9. The ironic thing is after factoring my mortgage and car and student loans, the bum on the corner with $1.50 in his pocket probably has a higher net worth than me.
  10. They have those in Seattle. I guess it helps the homeless issue but definitely doesn't solve the problem.
  11. Nice work Josh. Sounds like NBC might be be a good ski right now
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