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  1. Last Saturday, at the Country (Index LTW) someone (mistakenly, I assume) walked off with my harness & chalk bag. Large arc'teryx harness and blue metolius chalk bag. I would love to get it back if someone finds an extra in their bag. Thanks!
  2. Cerberus 5.11d Squamish - Pendulum Fall

    that was terrible.
  3. first female 5.15a

    Most of the hardest trad lines are pink pointed too. Are you sure she placed gear on lead? I thought I remembered her clipping pre-placed pieces.
  4. first female 5.15a

    Seriously? I know it's not cold and dangerous, but the level of dedication to training required to climb cutting edge free routes (i.e. sport or bouldering) is super inspiring to me. Way more inspiring than doing something dangerous way beneath your technical climbing ability. How can someone seriously discuss free-soloing a 5.9 in the same breath as sending 5.15? Any brave punter could go out and free solo the NEB this summer with vary little preparation. Only a few women in the world could realistically send a 15a.
  5. first female 5.15a

    I think that Ashima will probably do one this summer if she gets an extended trip to somewhere where she can project one that suits her. I think Sasha Digulian is out, it doesn't seem like she's done anything hard since she started college. Does Josune even climb any more? Murial & Angela have been crushing lately.
  6. Index Bird Closures?

    There weren't any signs up for Midnight in the tumwater, either. Usually, it's closed by now.
  7. What is your definition of shenanigans?
  8. Seattle and beyond...Visiting 3/29-4/10

    Any of the climbing gyms might be a decent place to meet up. Seattle Bouldering Project, Vertical World, Stone Gardens, etc.
  9. Cirque of the Unclimbables - Flight Share

    I can't go, but I'm curious, how much does it cost?
  10. An ode to Frenchman Coulee

    Regulation sucks. A WCC clean-up event/party/raffle and some added signage would be good first steps.
  11. Living in Anacortes?

    there are some decent mountain biking trails, and all the chuckanut trails are only 30 minutes away.
  12. They're just a little too small for me, brand new. I'm in Seattle, and would prefer not to ship them. Hopefully there's someone out there needs a pair.
  13. La Sportiva Solutions - Size 42, $105

    Last chance before I send them back!
  14. La Sportiva Solutions - Size 42, $105

    bump - brand new solutions!
  15. Congratulations to Drew Ruana

    Awesome! Is his real name Rudolph Jr? I would probably call myself Drew, also.
  16. CBR West Face too hot?

    If it's mid 80s/low 90s in Leavy, will it be too hot on the West Face of CBR?
  17. [TR] Mt Stuart - Direct North Ridge 7/26/2014

    LOL ya a friend did the ridge in under 3 hrs hers is the record to beat Not C to C obviously. I bet the ridge itself gets climbed in under three hours all the time, even by wankers like me. Really? The CNR? I call bullshit.
  18. Car Question

    I'm surprised no one is recommending a city car with a rack and a decent mountain bike. That will get you basically anywhere, and be kind of fun to boot.
  19. God, that sounds like an awesome trip.
  20. Direct North Ridge (Stuart) questions

    I think it depends on fitness and how much crap you're carrying. We did it in about 4 hours. When I did it a couple of years ago in late august there were patches of snow all the up at the gendarme. The descent down the cascadian and hike back up and over took longer. The nice thing about going in at Ingalls is you don't have to worry about shuttling cars or hiking all the way back around, although you could traverse over to Sherpa and descent back to the mountaineers creek drainage that way.
  21. best technical pants?

    I destroyed the stretch zions in about a month climbing at Index and bouldering in Leavenworth. The OR Ferrosi have actually held up reasonably well.
  22. I've read a bunch of trip reports that include good info on the approach and various climbs on colchuck balance rock, but no one talks much about the descent. Anyone care to give a little beta? Thanks in advance!
  23. Lubricating cams?

    I use White Lighting, which is a wax based chain lube, and I'm pretty sure is what metolius re-brands as their cam-lube. It keeps the dirt out, I only have to apply it every two or three years. You can pick it up at any reputable bike shop.
  24. Brushing

    Usually, I restrict myself to civil responses on the interweb, but this is too entertaining. 1. Admitting to nearly falling on the warm up? 2. Assholes make things humid? 3. Did you brush every hold you touched? If not, you're part of the problem. 4. Did you wear shoes? If so, you probably left some rubber behind, adding further to the polished feet.