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  1. Ptarmigan ridge- Rainier early season

    White River Road typically does not open until Memorial Day WE, so that will add ~ 11 miles to the approach round trip. Biking that section speeds things up a bit. I would personally wait for the first good weather window after the road opens.
  2. Great photos! Of the half-dozen or so routes that I've done on Hood, RGH ranks as my favorite!
  3. Denali 2022

    You presented some seriously bad information in your blog post, just straight up wrong. You should not be giving any kind of advice on climbing. Guides were snapping at you because you were doing something stupid. I also take umbrage of your description of guides. The guides I know want to give their guests the best possible experience, not just take their guests' money. "Another significant reason I would not do it guided is that their priority is not to get you to the summit safely. ... if a guide happens to be doing multiple trips in a season, their priority may be to get their next group started and your trip over with. Meaning they need to get your team off of the mountain so that they can start their next group of clients and take their money."
  4. Using a foil windscreen and a water bath work pretty well for extending the season of my Pocket Rocket.
  5. Mt Borah in late Fall?

    Hi Dane! I am in Boise now and I have been trying to find out the same thing. There is very little information avaliable on alpine climbing in Idaho, especially in the winter. I have been chatting with a guy who has climbed it fall/winter, and aparently avalaches are a big concern, but if conditions are safe then the face should go. If you are looking for a partner hit me up. I am gainfully unemployed and have a flexible schedule. Dan
  6. La Vie Au Bout Des Doigts

    I was expecting to see some junk in the van, not HIS junk.
  7. Love the bungee system on that pack.
  8. September Glacier Routes

    Both are late season classics!
  9. Zig Zag, Mt. Erie, Pitch 2 retrobolted

    I remember when the Boat Launch wall was retrobolted in the early 90's, replacing the old 1/4" bolts with 3/8" bolts. Were additional bolts added or the 25+ year old bolts replaced?
  10. Is that a 30 Rock reference? I just finished binge watching the entire 7 seasons before I go back to work.
  11. Anyone seen this guy on at Darrington?

    I think I saw this guy walking down the Apron 30 feet to the right of Banana Peel.
  12. Wrist pain (not Carpal tunnel)

    I used to bus commute across the I-90 bridge and every time my wrists would hurt while in the Mt. Baker tunnel. Turns out I had a case of carpool tunnel syndrome.
  13. https://www.climbing.com/people/drew-ruana-theres-no-reason-to-climb-if-it-makes-you-sad/?fbclid=IwAR3KHP7tjldwYHWSYAHlslP-KgVtw-xXPm3R4KDyFD4I0Q4hMNHT5u-NHH8