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  1. In case anyone is wondering, this is a photo of a reusable shopping bag from Safeway in Issaquah.

    Sorry, that's my fault. I spoke way too soon.
  3. The first time I climbed WR I was by myself, but I ran into bigeo at Ingall's Lake. His partner was not feeling it so we ended up climbing the route together, un-roped, in our running shoes. Bigeo nailed the route finding, the most difficult part of that route. Way more involved than the NR.
  4. question Bibler Big Wall I-Tent - value?

    Geartrade.com is another option.
  5. Evazote pads are cross linked polyethylene, the STP pad is polyolefin (the stuff Primaloft is made from), so not exactly the same, but nice find.
  6. Duly noted, thanks. I'll add that to the list of all the other FWAs that MarkO will scoop me on.

    It's Rocktober today in case anybody forgot.
  8. I found some lightweight hiking/backpacking stores on line that sell the grey Evazote pads. Gossamer Gear sells one that is similar to what I use. I've not run across the iconic yellow one, only grey ones.
  9. Iceberg flips with climbers on it

    Iceberg climbing, so cold right now.
  10. MEC was my source for yellow hardman (Evazootte) pads too. I purchased my current Evazotte pad from Pro Mountain Sports, although it is grey. The manufacturer has a website: https://www.zotefoams.com/product/azote/evazote/.
  11. I'm trying to find a first generation 50 cm Petzl Sum'Tex adze to match my hammer. If anyone has one they are wiling to part with please let me know. daniel-p-smith@hotmail.com
  12. This was clearly the work of someone with strong beliefs that the gondola should not exist in Squamish. Clearly it should relocated to Cascade River Road to deliver climbers to a big alpine hut in Boston Basin.
  13. review Footwear in the Cascades

    That photo reminds me of an art installation a student in college made. It was called 'Why Do I Have So Many Shoes?" The installation consisted of 20 pairs of shoes with a note attached to each one explaining why the student had purchased the shoes and what event she had worn them to.