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  1. MEC was my source for yellow hardman (Evazootte) pads too. I purchased my current Evazotte pad from Pro Mountain Sports, although it is grey. The manufacturer has a website: https://www.zotefoams.com/product/azote/evazote/.
  2. I'm trying to find a first generation 50 cm Petzl Sum'Tex adze to match my hammer. If anyone has one they are wiling to part with please let me know. daniel-p-smith@hotmail.com
  3. This was clearly the work of someone with strong beliefs that the gondola should not exist in Squamish. Clearly it should relocated to Cascade River Road to deliver climbers to a big alpine hut in Boston Basin.
  4. review Footwear in the Cascades

    That photo reminds me of an art installation a student in college made. It was called 'Why Do I Have So Many Shoes?" The installation consisted of 20 pairs of shoes with a note attached to each one explaining why the student had purchased the shoes and what event she had worn them to.
  5. Hello, I would like to sell my Grivel Tech Machine ice tools, G-20 monopoint crampons, and BD Spinner leash as a package. The tools have been gently used exactly twice. The crampons are brand new. Price is negotiable. I also have a swell little matching black and yellow Salewa alpine hammer and matching holster I could throw in. Please DM, email, or text if interested. Thanks, Dan daniel-p-smith@hotmail.com (206) 276-8991
  6. Bozeman, MT or Victor/Driggs, ID

    Thanks Off_White! I have met Minx a couple of times and she was close with one of my partners. If you could give her my email I would appreciate it. daniel-p-smith@hotmail.com
  7. Bozeman, MT or Victor/Driggs, ID

    What about Boise? That has the advantages of a lower cost of living with decent amenities, particularly hospitals. I've stayed there many times and it always seemed like a nice place. How is the access to the Sawtooths and other climbing/skiing destinations?
  8. [TR] Johannesburg - 1957 NE Rib 08/01/2020

    i agree with Jason. Having recently done both Stuart and J'Berg again I wouldn't draw a strong comparison other than they are both big Cascades peaks.
  9. Bozeman, MT or Victor/Driggs, ID

    I was thinking of proximity to the Tetons, particularly Diggs/Victor. My wife has a place in Scottsdale, AZ, so the snow shoveling is not really a concern.
  10. Apparently very extreme walking if you thought it merited a pair of ice tools and would have make rappels if you had a rope.
  11. Bozeman, MT or Victor/Driggs, ID

    Thanks Robert! I think we bumped into each other once or twice. Did you climb with Michael Stanton back in the day?
  12. Bozeman, MT or Victor/Driggs, ID

    Thanks for the input! I did notice Bozeman is more expensive (by a lot) than Victor/Driggs. Of course, all my cc.com friends are encouraged to come visit!
  13. Mt Baker, Roosevelt Glacier

    Great photo, thanks! Looks like you can stay climber's right to avoid exposure to that serac band perhaps.
  14. Hey gang, My wife and I are starting to make retirement plans and thought now would be a good time to buy because of the current real estate market. We are looking at Victor/Driggs, ID and Bozeman, MT due to the relatively low cost of living and access to all things outdoors. I've been through both towns but haven't spent enough time in either to really get a feel for the local zeitgeist. Can someone give me the inside dirt on either location? Is there another town/state you would recommend that has a lower cost of living and access to the mountains? Thanks, Dan