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  1. 2019/2020 OR/WA Ice Conditions

    That is priceless.
  2. There is no doubt there are natural cool and warm cycles, however, as I recall, these global shifts occur on something like 30,000 year cycles. The last ice age ended only 10,000 years ago and the earth has been warming since then. So, based on previous warming/cooling trends, we have another 20,000 years of warming ahead of us before the next cool cycles starts. Of course, I could be remembering those time frames completely wrong.
  3. No kidding, plus the wedder here is wetter than there.
  4. I am impressed by the sheer ambition of the project and the clean execution. Well done, way to squeeze out a giant enchainment from an already big mountain. Many years ago Sean Courage and I were discussing Colin Haley and Bart Paul. We agreed that if they both made it to 30 then they would probably live into old age. The gist of the story is I've seen too many talented, young climbers die by the age of 35 and some much younger. Boldness and ambition must be tempered by good judgement. Please, for your mother's sake, be careful out there.
  5. review Sewer wanted

    I just got my pack back and I am very happy with the work High Mountain Gear and Repair did. He added a Cordura crampon patch with two 1/2" webbing straps. The work is very cleanly done and professional looking. Also, he added a plastic frame sheet to the pack to add a bit of structure to carry heavier loads. He also built a custom hammer holster with colors to match my little alpine hammer.
  6. question HELP!! Small feet, can't find boots!!!

    Jim Nelson at Pro Mountain Sports in the U district has special ordered a number of big ticket hard to get items for me. That would be my first stop.
  7. 2019/2020 OR/WA Ice Conditions

    I suspect the skiing is better than the climbing right now. The attempts/exploratory hikes I made before this huge storm system moved through revealed very little ice, so this new snow will need to consolidate, bond, melt, freeze which will take some time and clear days and nights
  8. Mt Hood

    The weather has been warm and wet, but I suspect the higher elevations have been getting snow. Has anybody taken a look at the NF of Hood recently? Anything to report?
  9. 2019/2020 OR/WA Ice Conditions

    Is this below NF Hood/Elliot Glacier? If so, did you get a look at the NF of Hood and how did it look? I'm particularly interested in the Right Gulley.
  10. review Sewer wanted

    I thought of that when I saw it written out. How can you tell the difference between a waste water engineer and a drinking water engineer? A drinking water engineer washes his hands after using the toilet, a waste water engineer washes his hands before using the toilet.
  11. review Sewer wanted

    I called and Kyle said he could do the work for a very reasonable price and will even pick up and drop off my pack. I'm excited to see how the project comes out and I will report back.
  12. review Sewer wanted

    Thanks for link, they look like just the people I need! I went ahead and contacted them. They make a nice little alpine hammer holster I will have to buy too. My tool holster is too big for my little hammer I bring when I climb with leashless (and hammerless) tools.
  13. review Sewer wanted

    Does anybody know a sewer who could work on packs and clothes? I have some repairs and modifications and I don't want to pay Rainy Pass $75.00 an hour because they have F'd up every project I have brought them.