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  1. Spring Access - White River

    White River opens when they say it will, typically Memorial Day weekend. The White River Road is gated at HWY 410, ~5.5 miles from the trail head. One can park at the gate and ride bikes to White River trail head.
  2. Liberty Ridge -- best timing

    I would worry less about the condition of the Carbon, but rather the ridge itself. Once the lower part of the Ridge melts out it is like a giant pile of un-mortared bricks. I would suggest trying to go by the end of June to ensure adequate snow coverage.
  3. Nine out of ten times I go skiing it feels like survival skiing, except of course if I am climbing, then conditions are dreamy for skiing and crap for climbing.
  4. Typical Cascades character building conditions, which probably explains why there are so many characters here.
  5. New sport climbing guidebook (kickstarter campaign)

    Well, that provided 30 minutes of harmless entertainment.
  6. Scottish Ice

    The gospel according to Mark.
  7. Another reminder there is no climbing in Idaho

    Just moved to Boise and I can confirm there is no (winter alpine) climbing in Idaho.
  8. The video was particularly well done.
  9. Scottish Ice

    And he is riding on the wrong side of the road.
  10. WA Ice Conditions 2020-21

    That's what Monday mornings are for.
  11. WA Ice Conditions 2020-21

    What, no stand alone trip report? C'mon Jack, you're letting us arm chair alpinists down. Index in winter is definitely quite a tick and quite difficult to catch in good conditions. Makes me wish I had stayed for this winter season.
  12. Nice work Noah!
  13. The other day I was watching the 1983 movie, War Games (totally holds up BTW), and a scene that was supposed to be Colorado was obviously shot in Darrington below Whitehorse Mt. Such a photogenic peak.
  14. In case anyone is wondering, this is a photo of a reusable shopping bag from Safeway in Issaquah.