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  1. denalidave

    Van Halen

    I step away for a few years and see not much has changed here...
  2. Not at altitude here in the Columbia River Gorge, but excellent climbing at Beacon Rock and all the big stuff in reach of your doorstep.
  3. Not as of two days ago. I've not driven bye since but I doubt it will be open till the weather improves. Ask Adam B, he's usually in the loop but not on here.
  4. Also, check out Kantishna Air Taxi... Greg LaHahie...
  5. I worked for a high end lodge in Kantishna for most of the 90's. (Thus my name) K2 and TAT were always great to work with and I've flown with both of them quite a few times. The lodge I worked for sent a shit ton of clients to both, mostly I workded with K2 on a daily basis. They always delivered professionalism and safety. However, that was 20 years ago. The last time I visited the Kahiltna was spring of 2010 and TAT was awesome. The pilot picked me up after a couple days on the Glacier and flew me out as his only passeger. He told me he wanted to check out the pow he planned to ski later that day. He touched down, basically, "skiing" his plane off the summit snowfield. I sure wish I could have gone back with him for that ski run in the many feet of fresh pow... [video:youtube]
  6. ditto, but when? tomorrow's a bit short order this wendsday's our rick's b-day i know and i got it off as always - would dig some rainy day adventure... If'n you cave crawl on Thur or Friday, I'd like to go.
  7. Jim Opdyke and Michael Jackson and they worked on it for years... I think Ken Pasquinelli did the 3rd Pitch... I Had no idea MJ was a climber. Who'da thunk it? He did have some sweet moves though...
  8. denalidave


  9. I've beeen noticing the brown trees all around the gorge. Of course, the entire west is a tinder box and it's gonna burn someday... On the bright side, maybe a good torching will get the poison oak on the west side?
  10. "A friend with weed is a friend indeed"...
  11. Reminds me of the time Geoff and I were climbing the 3rd pitch of Young Warriors and some kind/considerate climber left us a "hot coiler" right smack in the middle of the route. Sure, they could have at least gone a few feet off in the grassy area. But no. Instead, they covered it up with a 10lb belay slayer flat rock. It was quite an uncomfortable silence when we caught up with the presumed offenders, as I was bitching and moaning about it as I approached the belay. IF YOUR GOING TO SHIT ON ROUTE. AT THE VERY MINIMUM, PLEASE DON'T COVER IT WITH A ROCK THAT WILL ONLY KILL SOMEONE BELOW. GETTING HIT BY A SHIT COVERED ROCK WOULD BE A BAD WAY TO DIE. WORSE WAY TO GET INJURED...
  12. Sometimes I feel that way about the trolls I meet. On, and off, the trail.
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