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  1. MSR snowshoe repair

    What glue/patch material should I use to repair minor tears in the fabric decking of a new pair of MSR Lightning snowshoes? I online ordered them and don't want to go through the hassle/expense/delay of shipping them out for warranty repair. In addition, it's a design flaw, so I want to correct it by reinforcing the area for good. I'm not looking for a 'temporary' repair, it's a stress point and I need the real, factory recommended adhesive and patch material. I've got a call into MSR as well. Just thought someone here might have been through this already. Thanks in advance.
  2. Comfy rock shoes for narrow feet

    I've got some 5.10 Spires, but they're a little squishy on thinner stuff. Recommendations for a little higher performance shoe that I still won't have to mess with between pitches? I'm not a shoe on/shoe off/repeat kind of guy. The cruel shoe thing isn't my thing.
  3. WTB: 75 cm ice axe

    My nephew's here for the summer and we're going up Mt Adams. He's a big guy who needs a long axe. Well used is fine. 80 cm would work. Thx
  4. festivus in february

    The Bowling Green Party
  5. festivus in february

    Breitbart Homer Simpsons
  6. festivus in february

    chuffy goateechinian pussyboys with Syrian-five-year-old-aphobia
  7. festivus in february

    chia voles
  8. festivus in february

    kambucha lampreys
  9. festivus in february

    incompressible jizztrumpets
  10. festivus in february

  11. i never wished a man dead...

    The Cheeto must be kept fresh until November lest a human take his place.
  12. Well used, old grip tape. On the Muir Snowfield Thur 7/21 late afternoon. Thanks
  13. i never wished a man dead...

    We've still got Mr Natural Law, unmuted even. But then, Ruthizelah, still sharp, is but a winterz leaf, so the scales havent tipped away from Genesis and Jibberish just yet. And there is 2016, with its election predictions bouncing end to end like electrons. Fascarchistic inferno or Femhawkian Superstate? The amperage is way up in the monkey cage. New rule: No rules. No shows, too. Baby Huey's potential shitwake-a bloated continuation of the one that trails him now, would be no fun to clean up, but we Americans do seem to love to fuck up a good thing. The models, such as they, seem to show a liberal halo at the end of this rainbow flag, but all change brings both light and dark. The States are really where its at, anyway. Cascadia risin'.
  14. Important GGK Farewell Poll

    Best campaign season ever. The hairstyles alone are worth the price of admission.
  15. Important GGK Farewell Poll

  16. Important GGK Farewell Poll

    I wanna Supreme with a Big One.
  17. Plus ça change...

    Free expression be all hard n shit.
  18. Plus ça change...

    Regarding the ACLU's actions on No Fly Lists - some corrections are in order. In the years immediately following 911, the ACLU filed several lawsuits on behalf of American citizens who were racially profiled while trying to fly. This lead to the end of (blatant, unchecked) racial profiling, with a number of required actions (mandatory training for airline and TSA employees, etc) to ensure the practice actually ended. The ACLU's concern with No Fly Lists has been: How does one get on the list, exactly? By what due process? How is the list verified and validated? How does one appeal to get off the list? How is the No Fly List personal information safeguarded? How long is is kept? With what other commercial or government entities is this information shared and what are the impacts of that sharing on the individuals on the list? Quite a departure from 'being against No Fly Lists', a claim which finds good company in phrases like 'carpet bombing' - staples for those who are long on opinion and volume but short on data, experience, or credibility.
  19. Trip: Hyggelig - Of Campfires, Serenity, and Fellowship - Chiwakum Creek to Larch Lake and Ladies Pass Date: 11/7/2010 Keep watching...you've gotta trust me on that.
  20. Plus ça change...

    The most effective, long lasting thing America could do right now would be to take in as many Syrian refugees as possible. That - and getting bombs dropped on you, gets remembers, albeit in different ways. But no - half of America won't have it. Too many neural steps for their toaster-esque analytical skills, too much of a stretch for their nasty little cowardly hearts.
  21. Plus ça change...

    Given that the US now enjoys an average of more than one mass shooting PER DAY, pert near 100% of which are old white guys, I'd say you and I need to report to The Camp immediately. Islam is a side show. Islam in the US is a non-issue. We have our own issues to deal with here.
  22. Plus ça change...

    Never forget that kindness, even as war rages, is the way forward.
  23. Plus ça change...

    Yeah, peeps are trotting out the WWIII rhetoric at work, too. It's titillating to imagine it all. Time to stock up on Beanie Weenies. But...come on. This shit happens ALL THE FUCKING TIME between super powers. "Oh...kinda sorry we collided with your sub and sent it straight to the bottom". Sure, things will be tense, its hardass on hardass action right now, but these guys didn't get to where they are by being dumbasses. These guys are fucking Machiavellian Dieties in getting what they want and being smart about it. Neither wants the destruction of the state that grants them all that power. Turkey poses no real threat against Russia; that knowledge should calm things down a bit. Putin feels bad, sure, but the Russians had apparently been testing their boundaries for weeks and, well, they found them. They'll flex, maybe shoot a helicopter or something, fuck over their own tourists, and it'll blow away because it has to.
  24. Plus ça change...

    Now now, when I vote 'WAR', it comes with caveats. Lots and lots of caveats. Turning ISIS into a 'grease spot' is a lot more complicated than it seems. First, to those espousing and spreading anti-muslim sentiment in the US - you've got swollen ISIS cock in your mouth. In one fell swoop this a) shits all over the 1st Amendment, and therefore the core of America's values, b) Give the enemy the recruiting fuel they need , and is therefore treasonous, c) Targets our biggest allies in this war of ideas, as well as the most frequent targets of terrorism by a huge margin, and d) is, on its face, fucked and you're just a fucking racist dickhead. 'Muslims', all 1.2 billion of them, aren't the problem and you fuck well know it - dickheads are the problem, whether they call themselves ISIS, al qaeda, or Pol Pot. Yes, we probably need some ground troops wrestle back that territory, BUT First, most ISIS fighters are forced into service under penalty of death or slavery. They'll surrender in a heart beat if you give them a chance - which we fuck well should, both for the sake of our troops, civilians in the area, and ISIS recruiting bullshit. The more muslims we kill, the more sign on. We should minimize that number. Second, this war would be waged in cities full of civilians. See paragraph one. 3rd - ISIS is a movement. It could reconstitute in any relatively lawless region on earth - Somalia, Yemen, a third of Africa. A new caliphate could spring up if we don't keep the muslim casualties and civil liberties violations down. And who is going to put that region back together and how? Anyone? Fuckin' hard problem, that, considering you've got over 1000 militias, ISIS, al qaeda, the Russkies, us, the Euros, Iranians, Assad, Iraqis, Kurds, Turks, fighting every kind of war there is, all in the same resource depleted shitheap of rubble and heat. This is a hard, complex problem for big, smart people, not idiots who can't distinguish between perp, ally, and victim, who neither know nor want to know the data. If they did, they'd be forcing gun toting, poorly educated white guys to sport a yellow dickhead emblem on their camo. Every terrorist since 911 was an American citizen. Every terrorist in Paris was either a French or Belgian citizen. Yeah, let's round of some refugees. Dickheads.
  25. Plus ça change...

    Welcome to reruns of 'we coulda won if they'd let us!' rhetoric of the post Viet Nam era - a typical and very human fairly to accept the failed ideologies, incompetence, and corruption that went into the making of that both debacles in strikingly similar ways. The stark difference, of course, is that our Viet Nam II took place in a hot oil drum of Islamic discontent with the world, not a tiny strip of Buddhist rice paddies. We provided the perfect flaming dip stick is all. This latest Viet Nam has already proven infinitely more expensive than the first, and there's no end in sight. Iraqi Freedom has already proven to be the worst foreign policy blunder in our history. Mission accomplished. Now we must wage an third war that will undoubtedly bring many more horrors to contain this new cult of ultra violence. We have no other choices left. The stumblefucking blowhards who were responsible for this from our side should by drawn, quartered, and shat upon by the families of the fallen from all sides.