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  1. My nephew's here for the summer and we're going up Mt Adams. He's a big guy who needs a long axe. Well used is fine. 80 cm would work. Thx
  2. chuffy goateechinian pussyboys with Syrian-five-year-old-aphobia
  3. incompressible jizztrumpets
  4. The Cheeto must be kept fresh until November lest a human take his place.
  5. Well used, old grip tape. On the Muir Snowfield Thur 7/21 late afternoon. Thanks
  6. We've still got Mr Natural Law, unmuted even. But then, Ruthizelah, still sharp, is but a winterz leaf, so the scales havent tipped away from Genesis and Jibberish just yet. And there is 2016, with its election predictions bouncing end to end like electrons. Fascarchistic inferno or Femhawkian Superstate? The amperage is way up in the monkey cage. New rule: No rules. No shows, too. Baby Huey's potential shitwake-a bloated continuation of the one that trails him now, would be no fun to clean up, but we Americans do seem to love to fuck up a good thing. The models, such as they, seem to show a liberal halo at the end of this rainbow flag, but all change brings both light and dark. The States are really where its at, anyway. Cascadia risin'.
  7. Best campaign season ever. The hairstyles alone are worth the price of admission.
  9. Free expression be all hard n shit.
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