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  1. Supercrack Leavenworth

    Tr'd this many years ago. 5.11 climbing to a hard overlapping flare problem. Core intensive. Midnight is awesome. instagram @jensklub
  2. [TR] Johannesberg - NE Rib 1951 8/26/2016

    Gotta Love Jberg! Did seven routes on the thing. instagram @jensklub
  3. Always wondered about that Tower. Cool TR. From a few of the vantage points it resembles Washington Column for us California folks. instagram @jensklub
  4. Denali

    Bring a carton of cigarettes to trade with the Euros for all the food and fuel you'd ever need.
  5. Could a crew work on this with the access fund? I miss that place. Really unique movement.
  6. super-hydrophobic spray

    So long W.L Gore?
  7. That area has always reminded me of the Alps.
  8. Memorial Day Video Bale Kramer

  9. Who are these guys?
  10. A Huge Ironic Thank You!!

    I streaked a 200 foot one below the great roof on El Cap's Nose once. When you gotta go, you gotta go. French guides will poo on your head in the alps....
  11. Fossil Rock

    As for Fossil, Ted's Wall or Ottoman Empire rebolted with all the drilled pockets filled in and remaining bolt on holds removed could provide Rudy's kid and all the the other next generation upstarts with sectors that could someday hold more promise than any other sector in Washington. I haven't climbed a ton in Europe but this sector looks like Frankenjura. You need overhanging dry rock and small features. We don't have good limestone closer than seven hours from Puget Sound. The main fossil wall has unlimited potential for steep overhanging features.Ironically, 95% of the current Fossil Rock traffic (and most of the posters on this site) is at the vertical areas. These kids will have long since climbed out all the North Bend and World Wall type crags and their contrived linkups and extensions (and extensions of extensions) and be bored of the index pin scars and slabs. If you've travelled a bit, you know what I mean in terms of steep rock and small features. You can throw out most sandstone and granite areas. I can think of no better rock climbing areas in the state for the months of December and January. Is RumR's kid or Sean B, gonna send the line left of Scarface ten years from now..unless Ondra beats them to it? Fossil is worth saving. Go through your guidebooks and look at all the areas that are "climbed out".
  12. Fossil Rock

    This is horrible news. Can we get the access fund involved? If I wasn't moving to California for a couple of years starting this July I would be all over this. Fossil provides a very unique niche in the arsenal of Washington crags. A near sea level (warm in winter with no snow)cluster of 8 or so crags that stay dry and doesn't seep like all the other overhanging areas in WA. It is worth saving. Also from a historical perspective it has one of the first if not the first 5.13 sport route in Washington (now chopped though). It also provides gymnastic 3D movement that is not found on vertical granite sport routes at Index, etc. If a climber wakes up on a rainy Saturday morning in late December this could be about the only crag in the state good to go. N.Bend, Equinox, etc. areas seep and everything east of the crest will likely be snowed in or cold. The small features on overhanging rock could allow some really hard routes for future generations to bolt. The average Seattle sport climber that may only visit a couple of times a year likely wouldn't spring for the 150 bucks and I bet the 750 permits get snatched up quickly by the hunters so local climbers will also be out of luck. Enforcement of this crazy idea is easy. Criminal trespass citations can be issued by the timber companies. My brother got one once. The local sheriff can grant these powers to the timber security guards.
  13. Beware of Chinese crap hangers

    Thanks for bringing this info about the hangers to light. I heard a rumor that BD moved all of their production to China.
  14. Ueli Steck's parka, an advance?

    Aside from Ueli, Mountain Hardware stuff is and has always been the gear of the gumby. My MH pieces have gone to the trash after putting them through the ringer.