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Rock Shoe Naming Contest

Climb X

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The Shoe Formerly Known as the Rad Moc


Hello Fellow Northwest Climbers,


We need some help renaming our Rad Moc. Whoever has the best name gets a free pair and others with clever names might get some swag anyways. But it will have to be pretty clever.


They are an awesome slipper style shoe with a single strap over the top to ensure they stay put while heel hooking. The 3D compression molded climbing rubber leads into a descent tread on the sole. Great for cracks and face climbing.


Thanks for your help!




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Gotta love Lawyers :rolleyes: especially one's from L.A. First thought would be the Kardashian or perhaps the Cochran or even better yet the Shapiro but to avoid further run ins with scum of the earth lawyers, why don't you call it "THE GLOVE" ;) or would that cause another riot :)




after all the chalk bag and shoes i'm wearing in this picture were bought from climbmax on hawthorne :)

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I love 'em I love 'em keep them coming. Since we are the first and only climbing shoe company in the Pacific Northwest (and if someone can lay claim to someone who was here first, please educate me) I am not opposed to something PNW themed.


Thanks to everyone participating and brain storming - this is fun.

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Some lawyer in LA eh? How bout it was a Federal Judge.....


Rad Moc er Mad Rock?


Press Release


Defendants CLIMB X GEAR, LLC, an Oregon limited liability company; CLIMB X, a Nevada corporation; JOSEPH GARLAND, an individual; and DOES 1 through10, inclusive, and each of them, and their respective officers, shareholders, agents, servants, employees, representatives and attorneys, and all those in concert or participating with them, or through them, be and hereby are restrained, during the pendency of this action, from engaging in, committing or performing, directly or indirectly, any of the following:


1. Using any Marks or any other confusingly similar phrase, designation or mark which is a colorable imitation of or is confusingly similar to Plaintiff’s Mad Rock Mark and/or Science Friction Mark in connection with the manufacture, production, advertising, distribution, offering for sale or sale of goods not originating from Plaintiff or authorized by Plaintiff.


2. Representing in any manner or by any method whatsoever that goods provided by any of the Defendants are sponsored, approved, authorized by or originated from Plaintiff.


3. Representing in any manner that CLIMB X GEAR is a continuation of Plaintiff and/or Mad Rock, and/or that Defendant JOSEPH GARLAND was a cofounder of Mad Rock.


4. Representing in any manner that any product of any of the Defendants is the exact same product as any product of Plaintiff and/or Mad Rock products.


5. Representing in any manner or by any method whatsoever that goods provided by any of the Defendants meet CE Certification, when they do not do so.


Case 2:10-cv-06977-SJO -JEM Document 39 Filed 01/26/11

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Thanks to everyone participating and brain storming - this is fun.


Sure is, amazing what a little research digs up! Now did your company really say this?


“… a new name has been chosen to set us apart and differentiate this company from the previous one: we are now Climb X. Same sales team. Same distributors. Same production facility. Same product development staff. The same award-winning products.”


Found that here:

Vikki Weldon blog


She seems to suggest you were implying that you were a reincarnated Mad Rock.


So I'd be interested to hear your take on this here on CC.com, care to reply?

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Anyone else gone over ClimbX's website? ALL of their gear looks to be Mad Rock product that they've re-stamped with ClimbX. Sketchy operation if you ask me.


EDIT: Gone through the whole site now. The only thing I can find on their entire site that is not a direct copy of Mad Rock design, pattern, etc. They didn't even bother changing the name for the Galaxy Harness they stole from Mad Rock.



Is their incredibly bulky looking Gold Locking Carabiner. These fuckers aren't even a well run scam.

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