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  1. Great photos - that shot of Jacob's Ladder is one of the best I've seen on this site. Looks like a fun adventure.
  2. Highest Avalanche Forecast Thus Far this Winter
  3. It's apparently worse than that-----THEY DIDN'T EVEN DESIGN THE PRODUCTS!!!!! Not to make too fine a point here, but it is really important: It also seems that the "products" were not only NOT designed by Joe Garland, but they were NOT made by him either. He was NOT even a Mad Rock employee apparently; he was a contractor and no other person left Mad Rock's employment to go with him. SO WHO THE F IS "WE"?????? Joe apparently started another company, CLIMB X, and hired a new staff. He apparently struck a deal with Mad Rock's OLD factory and owner, who continued to pump out the same products with little or no modification. Alex, it seems to me you are continuing to falsely represent that "we" somehow means something it APPARENTLY does not. I'll let the good members of CC.com draw their own conclusions. Coldfinger, Good to see you again. FYI - I am technically a "contractor" too. I still come in every day and have a wonderful time talking with you on here and selling climbing gear. Once again, I am not going to discuss the details of Joe's contract with the previous company on here, so if you have specific questions give me a call. When I say 'we' I am referring to Joe, Alex and Ken Kim who run our factory, and the rest of the design team over there. I hope I answered your question. I don't know if you concluded that we did not do the designs from something a competetor posted somewhere, but you are misinformed. Not sure what more to say.
  4. Almost as lame as your suggestions. Actually I kind of liked "Green River Thriller"
  5. 2011 Climb X Shoes Red, I understand where you are coming from. Check out this link to see the 2011 lineup of shoes. All new designs. They are currently in transit and will be available very soon. Thanks
  6. Hello Again Everyone, I have gone back and edited a couple of my previous posts in attempt to clarify some things. I tried specifically to address how Climb X came to be at the top of page 2 and concerns about the safety of our gear on this page with the post of the brake test machine. I ask anyone interested to read what I wrote there. If you still have specific questions, I am sure many of you do, I ask that you call me at 503-929-5360, PM me, or once again come by to get a beer. I appreciate your understanding that it is difficult and unwise to have a big open topic about an ongoing legal situation on a public forum. I posted this here to have some fun and get some ideas for the new name of our shoe, which was named by Casey H. of Portland as "The Zion." I really really hate to sound 'shifty' as water put it more politely than most. So I encourage you to get in touch. All this crazy online drama ! I found the whole Ted Bundy thing funny too. I'm just a native of the PNW and trying hard to make Climb X a NW brand as well as a global brand. Constructive thoughts on that welcome - just send me a message - would love to discuss. I don't know what more to say than we are using our own designs that we created ourselves and are producing them at the same factory we were producing them at before. Climb X is here for the long run. We've got some really cool things coming out that I can't wait for you to check out. Have fun, be safe. If you are interested in following what going on, check out our Facebook page. ~Alex
  7. Thanks again to everybody participating. We have come up with a name that was suggested on another site. We posted this 'contest' on this site because we generally enjoy the threads here and the NW Climbing Community is the group we identify with. We did have fun reading the genuine suggestions and even some of others as we can take a joke and some of them were funny. If you are truly concerned with colors or some technical minutia, give us a call or come grab a beer with us. We are stoked to be here and we will be here for a long time. Being from the NW, we are excited to continue support the local climbing community as well as this site. Have fun out there and be safe.
  8. Shapp, Wow Shapp, that was quite a mouthful. I like how you felt it prudent to censor "cluster-fudge." No, this is not Joe, this is Alex. I do hope life is more than a commerical. Maybe I am wrong. What are you advertising Shapp? Not even sure what that means. I always like your off the path TRs, I would love to float the Owyhee. Anyways, I hope you are doing well. Thanks
  9. Coldfinger, I appreciate that you are concerned about safety and let me assure you that we share that concern, it is our top priority. Here is a picture of one of our many brake test machines that we use. We have been producing harnesses at this factory going on 8 years without problems. You are correct that the injunction says we cannot use the CE Numbers of other companies. It does not say that we are using their numbers, it just sets a precident that we cannot use the numbers of other companies. We have our own CE filings and the only thing that has changed on our tried and tested designs is the name. It's the same materials, production machines, and facility. As for the whole Rad Moc name, that is the purpose of this whole naming contest, which we brought to you the climbing community to be fun.
  10. This isn't Joe, this is Alex. I'll make sure to tell him you say hello. Thank you for all of the suggestions, we are compiling a list of the ones we like from this site and a few others. We've got a lot in store for the coming months and some cool projects in the pipeline to help with several outdoor organizations and access projects. So stay tuned for those. I hope everyone had a good weekend. It was beautiful in Central Oregon today. I appreciate the positive as well as the constructive feedback. Once again, the door is always open for folks to come by. Thanks again
  11. That's awesome! Our Sales Manager did the first naming contest when he was working there and we just decided to do it again. We all thought the name was awesome. Did you ever collect on that reward?
  12. I hope to shed some light on your questions here. There's a lot I would like to say, but cannot because of legal proceedings. Let me begin by acknowledging the preliminary injunction. This, once again does not state that we are in violation of these things, it just tells us not to violate them. There has been no ruling, it just sets a precedent and wee are in full compliance with it. Everything you see on our site was done by our in-house design team who once designed shoes for the other company. We still produce gear for several global companies. We are not a "continuation" of the other company, but until recently did run their sales, marketing, design, production, distribution, and international business. But we are not a "continuation." Bottom line, we have a really nice factory in Tianjin, China with an expert design staff. Go here if you want to see some pictures and read a pretty similar description: The Who the Hell is Climb X Page We work hard to run the most advanced gear factory in the world. This is expensive, but you get professional craftspeople building great gear and able to do neat things like 3D compression molded climbing rubber that no one else does. Everyone has health care, we have solar on the roof, etc. I appreciate your understanding that there are many things we cannot discuss as there are pending legalities. In 2009 there was a split between management of a company. The sales, marketing, design, production, and distribution management stayed with the same production facility and created the brand Climb X, while the owner of the other brand name moved to a different facility in Vietnam. We continued with production of our own designs under our own label. Compare the 2011 lines between the two companies and you will see that we are both going in different directions. Understand that we are not using their patents (dual density sole, specific hooking heel, a different harness buckle, and a snowboard boot)and have not used their trademarks. Once again, the preliminary injunction merely states a precedent that we are in compliance with. We are down in SE Portland, so if anyone wants to come by and crack some of these beers in the fridge, you are all welcome. There is a lot of misinformation out there, so we are more than happy to answer any specific questions. We love being from the Pacific Northwest and are excited to be a part of the climbing community here for a long time. Especially once all of this petty drama is behind us. We are just here to have fun and produce great gear in a working environ. that everyone can appreciate. Thanks a lot and have fun out there.
  13. I love 'em I love 'em keep them coming. Since we are the first and only climbing shoe company in the Pacific Northwest (and if someone can lay claim to someone who was here first, please educate me) I am not opposed to something PNW themed. Thanks to everyone participating and brain storming - this is fun.
  14. The Shoe Formerly Known as the Rad Moc Hello Fellow Northwest Climbers, We need some help renaming our Rad Moc. Whoever has the best name gets a free pair and others with clever names might get some swag anyways. But it will have to be pretty clever. They are an awesome slipper style shoe with a single strap over the top to ensure they stay put while heel hooking. The 3D compression molded climbing rubber leads into a descent tread on the sole. Great for cracks and face climbing. Thanks for your help!
  15. Adam, Ski 'pons rock and will save you a lot of time on something like St. Helens with variable conditions. JRex - love the photos man. Way to go after two months. To perfect your technique, I would recommend skinning up the climber's trail on hood and skiing down that a lot. Keep it up!
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