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  1. wondering if anyone has been up Yak Peak this year. With the great weather we have been having is the face dry or wet? Thinking of heading up Yak Check this weekend. Will I be post-holing or skating on the way down ? Don’t really want to bring boots and crampons.
  2. So how did it turn out? I've used a 3 season tent at Muir in May. It sucked. Too much mesh paneling so the wind just blew straight on through. Also the poles got a little bent. Still usable, but the poles will never quite be the same. Why not just stay at the hut?
  3. Just to be clear, I wasn't implying that physical threats are entertaining or appropriate. I don't condone that. Sorry if I gave that impression. But some of the repartee between regulars (TTK, KKK, Kevbone, Fairweather and many others) was pure gold (and non violent). I do recall Spray was guarded by a warning that it was not for the thin skinned.
  4. CascadeClimber, you should have filed a police report. One call from the Boys in Blue and I'm sure he would have backed off pretty damn fast.
  5. I miss the heyday of cc.com. It did get a bit spicy here for a while, but the flamers just added color along with the other characters here, imo, and the worst of it was easily ignored (also, I thought the mods did a good job of balancing freedom of expression and maintaining civil discussion). I found it great entertainment and was my first choice for distraction from work. Great climbing beta, ideas and inspiration and helpful when I had specific questions, which is what originally brought me here. I was on here daily for a few years. Now I am here less than once/month and it could be less as not much happens in that time. I climb a lot less now that I have a family and more work responsibility, but will still come when I need beta. My only regret was not coming out to one of the rope-ups or sausage parties to meet all you weirdos.
  6. It takes more than a masturbation video to bring someone down these days. Is this dude not watching the news?
  7. It sounds like they are still missing, but now being presumed dead? Have they located bodies? I'm confused. I accompanied Marc on one of his failed attempts at Slesse NE Buttress. I think he was 15 at the time. We got backed off by snow and cold just below the bivy ledge. His mom dropped us at the trailhead and fed us lunch when we returned. Very charismatic and ambitious young man even then. Its been really cool to see him develop from there into the climber he became. RIP, Marc. You left us too soon.
  8. bstach

    festivus in february

    It's pretty fuckin' great.
  9. Has anybody used those UV treatment systems? I'm thinking of getting the one that fits inside the lid of a Nalgene bottle. I always treat, except when the water is coming right off the glacier. Chlorine tabs are my method of choice.
  10. Yes, that's perfect. Thanks, Oly.
  11. Wondering if there is a source to get BC topo maps online. Specifically looking for the Elfin Lakes area. Just need something that I can print from my computer. I'm sure I have seen links on here before, but can't seem to find it. Thanks
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