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  1. Building my kid a small table and chairs out of branches. Looking to weave the sit and back on the chairs out of old rope. Looking for some thing in the 8.9 size range but not to picky. Don't want to spend a ton so if any one has ropes that aren't good for climbing any more let me know. Thanks Chris
  2. Does anyone know where I can buy raw down? I can't seem to find any place on the web that sells just down. Need it for a sewing project. Thanks
  3. Hi Pretty new to backcountry skiing and finally broke down and bought a setup. But I still need to buy skins. I bought BD aspect skis and was wonder best brand and bang for your buck. I also see them pop up from time to time used. Is it worth it or just buy new? Any info is welcome Thanks
  4. Looking for a touring boot that is dynafit conpadable. US 10 or mondo 28. Thanks
  5. These boots are brand new in the box. I jumped the gun ordering these and ordered them to small. Which made me pretty mad. So need to get them to someone they fit. $199
  6. Thanks For The TR. I would love to not see anyone on hood while climbing. Granted last time I climbed hood was spring and I climbed with 200 other people. It was a zoo. Thanks for the pics
  7. Won this jacket. If it was a medium I would keep it. The large is sadly way to big on me. Its brand new. Men's large. Cheapest I could find on the interweb is $328 on eBay. So $300 Shipped. Thanks
  8. This might help you. http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/spo/4179482852.html
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