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[TR] Assassin Spire - NW Face (IV, WI4+) FA


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Beautiful Ascent! Great pictures too!


I'm glad to see that others were out enjoying the exceptional conditions that late Feb and early March offered. Well done guys!


I hadn't checked the forum lately, but The Alpinist provided some good info that got me back on the web. Perhaps an article and some pics in #30 is in the works...

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Congratulations! What an amazing FA/FWA and collection of pictures!

Nothing short of superbly astounding, gentlemen.

Your names will surely be inscribed in the PNW's climbing lore with this ascent.


...I was in the Prowler that did the fly-by when you were summiting. I was doing a quick conditions check for a possible attempt later this month...

I just love this part... our tax payer dollars going for a route scope. Priceless!!!1

That is tax money that I will gladly pay! You go, Trent! :)

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Nieve... The Warm Creek approach via the Middle Fork of the Nooksack appeared to be the most direct approach route to us. It worked out to be ~5 miles and 3200' gain to camp from the TH. I think it would have worked out to be about the same (in terms of time spent) if we started from the Heliotrope Ridge TH.

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