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  1. [TR] Mt. Shuksan - South Couloir 1/20/2013

    Strong work Dan. Solid line!
  2. SOLD: DMM's Draws and 13cm BD Turbo Screw

    DMM quick draws, lightly used. BD Turbo Screw, never used. [img:left]https://post.craigslist.org/imagepreview/n/5Y25Ff5H13L93J63N1c2k1962c76804641dac.jpg[/img] [img:left]https://post.craigslist.org/imagepreview/n/5Lc5Ff5Hb3K53Ff3Hec2kb53c5ed280f41e2e.jpg[/img] email: jeff.rob.campbell@gmail.com
  3. I'm thinning out my rack and selling the newest stuff in it. Gently used Black Diamond Cams, including wire-gate carabiners on each selling at $275 for the set. Sizes: Qty 1 - 0.5 Qty 2 - .75 Qty 3 - 1.0 Qty 2 - 2.0 [img:center]https://post.craigslist.org/imagepreview/n/3kc3pe3lf5V65P35S3b7o4c10c045b149119d.jpg[/img] Gently used quickdraws selling at $40 for the set: Qty 2: Wild Country Qty 3: DMM [img:center]https://post.craigslist.org/imagepreview/n/3na3k03l65O45Q65U2b7oe0bd3767015d1cfa.jpg[/img] Qty 2 Black Diamond 10cm express ice screws, brand new, still in packaging. $80 for the pair. [img:center]https://post.craigslist.org/imagepreview/n/3mb3o13l05V05Q45S3b7o5726ae3d42481a64.jpg[/img] Prefer local deals but am willing to ship if payment is made through paypal first. Buyer covers shipping.
  4. Gently used BD Cams, New Ice Screws, quickdraws

    Cams and screws gone.
  5. Gently used BD Cams, New Ice Screws, quickdraws

    Have had several requests to part out the C4-rack. So....$40/cam (biner included).
  6. first ascent [TR] Assassin Spire - NW Face (IV, WI4+) FA

    awesome job guys! those photos have been distracting me from finals since you posted this. you should submit this to the AAJ. if you don't mind explaining to a PNW noob, why approach up the Middle fork of the Noonsack instead of the normal heliotrope trailhead?
  7. Roosevelt/Kaleetan to Denny Mtn Traverse????

    I'm new to the PNW and got up to Snow Lake/Gem Lake yesterday to learn the lay of the land. Wondering if anyone has done a full traverse from Mount Roosevelt moving east to Denny Mountain. This would incorporate hitting Roosevelt, Kaleetan, Chair Pk, Bryant, the Tooth, and Denny Mtn.??? If not, who's done parts of it?
  8. Roosevelt/Kaleetan to Denny Mtn Traverse????

    Awesome. I saw the 5.2 section in Becky's book. Would any raps be necessary for lowering of Kaleetan, Chair peak, or the Tooth or can these be descended on the west aspects (I only got a look at them from the east). Looks like water would be difficult to find this time of year (without having to drop down to various lakes once on the traverse. Stoked for the area!