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  1. quote | flag Used but not abused. Very nice pack. I have had it for a few years. Red stain is from a shirt that leeched over during a summer hike. If you don't know about these packs, get educated. cilogear.com/60lws.html Alpinist calls these packs "Perfection" $175 and I will split shipping with you Gray and Blue email me for pics email me at zeroforhire (at) yahoo (dot) com
  2. Brand new Mantis Green Medium Mens Sick jacket... I just need the cash more at this point. $275
  3. Ski Trab Stelvio XL Light 185 Skis 125/90/112 sexy handmade goodness 2.5 mounts all for dynafit vert ST10 Other than the mounts, the skis are in minty condition 2 lb 13 oz per ski unmounted I am confident we can find holes that will fit your boots Comes with dynafit ST10 bindings $475 email me at zeroforhire (at) yahoo (DOT) com for pics and questions.
  4. if you want the best deal going in beacons right now get this one. Way better than the tracker in my opinion. Easier to use and more accurate. Offer them $90... I got one last year for that. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ortovox-S1-Avalanche-Beacon-Digital-Transceiver-Backcountry-Ski-Snow-No-Harness-/381035618282?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item58b77e1fea
  5. I have always enjoyed Josh and his attitude. Hope he heals up quick and gets back at it.
  6. Those RT Packs get flipped on eBay all the time. For some reason people pay a premium for them
  7. comes with holster. Wasn't used much. This was my backup beacon. $150
  8. PENDING SALE $125 shipped Brand new with tags Medium Mens Green Very cool jacket.
  9. $225 Color is Cardinal Red Medium Mint condition
  10. sick deal on an amazing tent. Last tent you will ever own.
  11. DPS Wailer 95 Pure 185 with Dynafit ST 10 Bindings It is time to sell my trusty wailers. Bamboo era. Pure construction. Super light. Some surface nicks and chips. Bases are in great shape. Currently mounted with Dynafit vert ST 10. No brakes. Around 305 bsl. Room both ways for adjustment. Two other mounts... One Dynafit about 2 cm back on the heels. (Toes in same place) One alpine binder (unknown type)... so 2.5 mounts total. These have made an awesome mountaineering ski, and spring touring ski these past few years. I just don't get out on them as much as I should. $550
  12. I have a brand new Voile Artisan 164 with new skins. $700
  13. $250 Mint Condition Slept in a few nights 6 ft length SLEEP SOUNDLY AND WAKE UP READY TO TACKLE THE NEXT LEG OF YOUR EPIC JOURNEY. The MontBell U.L. Spiral Hugger #1 15 Degree Down Sleeping Bag is what backcountry skiers, mountaineers, and hunters can count on for bitter-cold nights. The unique Spiral Stretch System and feathery down lead to log-sawing nights and revitalized mornings. Comfort range hovers at 25 degrees Fahrenheit for the average backpacker/camper, while the lower limit allows guys and campers who 'run hot' to snooze in temps as low as 15F 800-Fill down insulation offers the best warmth-to-weight ratio and compresses down small to take up as little space in your pack as possible Multi-tube construction with Flow Gate allows warm air trapped within the insulation to circulate--limits cold spots Spiral Stretch System uses elastic threads in the lining to move with you throughout the night--keeps the bag close to your body to minimize open space POLKATEX (durable water repellent) on the ultra-thin, highly-durable 12D ballistic Airlight nylon outer shell has a 100-wash rating Draft tube seals out potential chills that can slip through the zipper teeth Neck baffle and tunnel hood seal the interior off and retain crucial heat within Right side zipper only
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